New Edition Serial Number Guide™ 2012

Accuratly verify the year of manufacture will no longer be an issue!!
The Serial Number Guide™ is for construction machinery like the vehicle registration certificate for road vehicles.
It contains more than 10.000 construction machine and forklift types of the recent 50 years. Thus it is the best source to determine the year of manufacture of a machine, which was very difficult without a serial number until now.
Contrary to road vehicles there is no vehicle registration certificate for construction machinery. That is why manufacturers assign serial numbers to a new series or a new model. These serial numbers allow deriving the year of manufacture and the technical data unambiguously.The data within the Serial Number Guide™ originate directly from manufacturers or importers. The manufacturers are listed alphabetically, ordered by machine types including serial numbers and years of manufacture. This guide is the key for an even more precise valuation of a machine.The book comprises nearly 1.600 pages and the price is 179 € (excluding VAT and shipping).
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