Nordbau 2016
Nordbau 2016

NordBau 2016: Bricks for the House Façade and Occupational Safety are Priorities

Neumünster. At the NordBau exhibition (7 th – 11 th September 2016, Messe Holstenhallen Neumünster) sets the bricks in the center of this year’s program. The award to the Hamburger Speicherstadt, the warehouse district of the Hanseatic City of Hamburg, Germany, as a UNESCO World Heritage site shows the importance of the clinker with its energetic properties. Shapes and colors varieties characterize the large exhibition offer from brick exhibitors in Neumünster. Another focal point is the varied information for the site managers and foremen on occupational safety.
The 2016 NordBau exhibition presents the latest trends and applications of bricks for the facade, as well as for rear brickworks. Exhibitors will present the advanced designs as well as the soundproof, fireproof and thermal properties of the brick. In section of luxury home construction, there are more and more construction projects outside the North of Germany that are blended with brick. In addition to the normal formats, the sleek as well as the larger stones with grey tones are currently popular. The NordBau exhibition as Germany’s largest platform of bricks shows this year an exclusive presentation on the potentials of the façade building materials for everyone who is interested in building their house. Additionally, the novelties in the field of construction machinery will equally be presented this year at the exhibition ground. Digitalization and work efficiency will equally play an increasingly important role.
Torsten Albig, Schleswig-Holstein’s Minister President along with the new Danish Royal Consul General will open the Nordbau exhibition on September 7 th 2016 in Hamburg Martine Gram Barbry. For 41 years, Denmark has been a partner country of Northern Europe’s biggest compact exhibition for building. During the opening program the Berlin trend researchers,
Professor Norbert Bolz gave a talk on the “productive force fitness”. The presentation theme will be specially directed to the exhibition construction supervisors and foremen, in which the increase in the legal requirements for industrial safety, as well as the progressive digitalization of construction machinery will be discussed.
“From our exhibitors, we know about the specific challenges in the area of occupational safety and health and equally interact wit the German Accident Insurance Institution for the public sector in Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg Unfallkasse Nord, the German Social Accident Insurance Institution for the building trade Berufsgenossenschaft Bau together with the Association of the Building Industry, Environmental and Machine Engineering Verband der Baubranche, Umwelt- und Maschinentechnik e.V. VDBUM, as well as the environmental and mechanical engineering trainings on concrete solutions. Comprehensive information and practical assistance are the main characteristics of the NordBau exhibition”, says Dirk Iwersen,
Managing Director of the Holstenhallen Neumünster GmbH (Ltd.). Two-thirds of the approximately 40 seminars and events, including the approximately 4000 conference participants are expected, at which there will be recognized training of Schleswig-Holstein Chamber of Architects and Engineers.
The Investitionsbank Schleswig-Holstein references rental price trends in the market at this year’s Nordbau exhibition. “Here, the social housing promotion serves as a significant role: the construction of 4,800 new social housing since 2011 has considerably dampened the rents increases in the lower price segment. This does not only profit the recipients of welfare benefits, since last year, a majority of the population made use of the subsidized housing”, emphasized the board Erk Westermann Lammers at the NordBau press conference.
At the exhibition this year, attention should equally be set on the growth in construction demands. “With the event ‘Faszination Bauberufe’ exhibitors provide an impressive insight into the employment opportunities in the construction fields. At the nordjobBau day, we expect around 1000 young people. Since, in periods of many vacant apprenticeships and the lack of specialists, our fair offers an ideal platform for the rising generation”, explains the fair manager Wolfgerd Jansch.
Another topic in the 2016 NordBau exhibition is, the planning and acceleration of public construction projects. Also, the National Team from the German Construction will offer training on the exhibition ground Industry for the European Championships Euroskills2016 in Gothenburg and the Schleswig-Holstein vanishing trade competes at the annual performance efficiency contest
Background NordBau
On approximately 69,000 m 2 of outdoor area and over 20,000 m 2 of hall space, Northern Europe’s compact exhibition for construction offers approximately 850 exhibition spaces every year to present the entire spectrum of construction with modern building materials and components, powerful machines, municipal machines and attachments for construction and trade as well as the latest energy technology. The NordBau is at home in Neumünster since 1955 and cooperates with the partner country Denmark for over 40 years. Over 60,000 visitors visit the exhibition every year.