nordbau 2018
nordbau 2018

NordBau 2018 with a wide range of equipment and machines

From the 5th to the 9th of September, 2018, NordBau’s 63rd edition invites you to the exhibition center at the Holstenhallen in Neumünster. The largest compact exhibition for constructions in Northern Europe is the platform for architects, civil engineers, builders and craftsmen.
Construction machines, commercial vehicles and municipal equipment will be presented on a 69,000 square meter outdoor area.
At NordBau, the most famous manufacturers in the industry will be present and will show new trends, as well as a great variety of modern, and efficient machines. High-quality products will once again be in high demand among trade visitors. In the future, construction machines will not only be more powerful, but will also be more compact and flexible. Intelligent vehicles and smart machines will take over people’s work in the future, thus freeing them to be able to take on other specialist work. This way, innovative manufacturers also respond to the continual shortage of skilled workers. When making purchasing decisions, energy efficiency through fuel savings and increased productivity are crucial for most companies. In addition, many trade visitors rely on ease of use, occupational safety, as well as the high maintenance and service provided by the manufacturers and dealers, whenever they are purchasing new machines. Since the largest compact exhibition for the construction industry in Northern Europe offers manufacturers and visitors an outdoor area of ​​69,000 square meters, visitors can experience numerous construction machines in action and even try out construction equipment simulators. On the open-air site at the South Entrance, commercial vehicles will be presented with large and small pickup trucks for construction and crafts, vehicle equipment, trailers and loading cranes.
Digital construction site – opportunities to work efficiently, transparently and effectively
Our lives are also increasingly changing at work. Digitization is progressing steadily in the construction industry, creating opportunities to work efficiently, transparently and effectively. For the digital construction site and BIM to succeed, it is not only the transparency that is essential between architects, civil engineers, craftsmen, builders and housing associations; the big challenge is to familiarize users with the new technologies and software. The level of knowledge on the potentials of digital construction planning and execution is very different for those in charge of construction. On the initiative of the North German construction industry associations, experts from the VDBUM and the Bad-Zwischenahn training and education center will be organizing practical demonstrations at the NordBau and will equally be available for technical exchanges. Among other things, activities of the construction machine and construction equipment simulators will be transmitted and presented through a screen above the entrance to the forum, by various exhibitors. It is only if it succeeds in convincing the users and operators of this new technology, will digitization lead to efficiency, quality improvement and cost reduction in the future. This is a task that can only be undertaken together. Here, too, NordBau wants to be more than just a trade fair, but rather a platform for the exchange of experience between the individual trades. Anyone wishing to try out anything by themselves can directly do so on the exhibition grounds of the construction machines. There will be simulation containers for trenchless construction and road construction, in order to be able to test the operation of special equipment by hand. Being able to touch and try out digital construction is an important part of the NordBau for craftsmen and planners. In civil engineering and road construction, digitization is already an indispensable instrument in ensuring smooth construction processes. To meet the different requirements, attachments must be adapted accordingly. The VDBUM will also present ideas and solutions for this. It is no coincidence that NordBau offers a meeting point for construction supervisors and foremen in the Holstenhallen Forum, as these executives are increasingly deciding on the practical work processes, new software and the correct use of machines.
Invest in order to create value!
An important topic will be the preservation of valuable raw materials in construction. Minimizing the consumption of raw materials through the recycling of old concrete and steel does not only protects the environment, but also frees up resources that can be invested into new, and more efficient machines. Jochen Niemann, owner and managing director of Friedrich Niemann GmbH & Co. KG, sees a trend towards new drive motors and higher-quality construction machines: “Probably, at the NordBau, some companies will already be presenting electric excavators and even the first compact electric mobile excavator. But I can well imagine that the engines for the future will be powered by hydrogen produced from wind current”. He also recognizes a tendency towards value creation, when it comes to investing in modern, high-performance machines. “More and more companies are working according to the principle of ‘Total cost of ownership’. This accounting principle helps companies to accurately estimate all the costs of capital goods. It’s not only the acquisition costs that are crucial during the purchase of a new machine, but all aspects of subsequent use such as energy efficiency, repair and maintenance costs. Just by minimizing working materials through the use of more efficient machinery and engines, a large proportion of fuel can be saved – in some cases up to 15 percent”. Another important topic in this context is the service. How can services be improved for the retailer, as well as for the consumer, so as to better serve users? In view of the huge competition in mechanical engineering, the service concept can be decisive in the purchase decision.
Specialist conferences and training events
In addition to the latest trends in construction machinery, commercial vehicles, tools and municipal appliances, NordBau equally offers a comprehensive congress program. More than 50 specialist conferences underline the seminar character of Northern Europe’s largest compact trade fair for construction. Two-thirds of the conferences are recognized by the Chamber of Architects and Engineers as an official training event! On the Thursday of the exhibition, under the motto: “Who will build the construction site of tomorrow?”, NordBau, with the Institute for Talent Development (Institut für Talententwicklung, IfT), will again be organizing the Students’ Day “Schülertag” (8th to 13th grade classes), for the recruitment of young talents for the construction profession. Over 1,000 interested students from Hamburg, Schleswig-Holstein, Mecklenburg-Western-Pomerania and Lower Saxony have already registered.
Figures, dates and facts
Last year, NordBau once again impressively demonstrated its strength and position as the most important construction fair in Northern Germany and the entire Baltic Sea region, on an area of ​​about 69,000 square meters and over 20,000 square meters of hall space: 849 exhibitors from 15 countries informed about 66,000 visitors on the new trends in the construction industry. A total of 4,300 conference participants attended the symposia. Via NordBau exhibitors have since 1956 been able to reach trade visitors who visit the trade fair for professional reasons, as well as interested end customers (public and private clients). The fair is thus very appealing for all those interested in construction, as well as those working in the construction industry. In addition, NordBau has been cooperating with her partner country, Denmark, for over 40 years, which sees the trade fair as the basis for the German and European markets.
The 63rd NordBau edition takes place from the 5th to 9th of September 2018 at the Holstenhallen in Neumünster.
Source: Nordbau Press