Off Highway Vehicle Industry Gears Up for the 13th Five Year Plan

china Off Highway Vehicle Summit 2015

As China braces for an economic slowdown, its top economic planners are already setting the stage for the next period of development and bringing China closer to the goal of establishing a

“establishing a moderately well-off and harmonious society”.

China’s off-highway vehicle industry faces weak demand at home and abroad and sales have been consistently low. It is almost certain that the next Five Year Plan will involve deepening reforms and continuing the opening-up of the OHV industry.

OEMs, vendors and distributors are set to meet with government regulators and industry associations at the 8th China Off-Highway Vehicle Summit in order to discuss the current situation of the industry and the best actions to take to ensure its continuing success.

Duxes’ 8th China Off-Highway Vehicle Summit 2015 is due to take place on October 22-23, 2015 in Beijing.

This summit is set to be the best event of the year to understand the new direction that the Chinese OHV is taking in 2015. Hot topics of the conference include China’s renewed efforts towards a greener economy as well as the increasing opportunities in the aftermarket.

We look forward to seeing you on site of the summit.