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Officials and Industry Leaders Discussing Ascendant Asian Automotive Aftermarket

Asia Pacific Vehicle Aftermarket Summit 2017
May 22-24, 2017·Bangkok, Thailand

As incomes and purchasing power has rose in Southeast Asia, the automotive industry has grown rapidly. By 2018 the ASEAN trade bloc will become the world’s sixth largest automotive market, and tens of millions of consumers in the region are expected to become car owners in the next several decades. As more and more vehicles are sold, demand for automotive aftermarket services will naturally increase. In ASEAN’s two largest markets, Indonesia and Thailand, there will be an estimated 25 million out-of-warranty vehicles in circulation by 2020.
In deference of these trends, Duxes will host the Asia Pacific Vehicle Aftermarket Summit 2017 in Bangkok, Thailand, on May 22-24. Reflecting the summit’s coverage of important topics related to the automotive aftermarket, delegates and speakers representing governments across Asia, as well as leading industry associations and companies, will gather to exchange knowledge and share experience in the field.
The summit will begin with a pre-event conference on May 22nd, during which speakers provide insight into the automotive aftermarket in India, discussing, independent repair chains, OES sales channels, the status of OEMs, and government policies regarding foreign investment. The summit’s first day will continue with testimony from officials from governments and industry associations in Southeast Asia, analyzing relevant government policies, and market trends in the industry for their respective jurisdictions. Further presentations and panel discussions over the course of the summit will feature corporate officers from leading automotive companies, examining such topics as echo-friendly vehicle spare parts, the necessity of business development in warranty extension automotive products, product distribution channels, automotive workshops, internet sales channels, and other crucial issues.
Through the summit, Duxes strives to continue its nearly decade-long support of, and collaboration with, the automotive aftermarket industry in Asia. Potential delegates working in the industry, or in related areas, are urged to attend, and contact Duxes about remaining speaking opportunities.
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