Positive outcome for “MAVEW Show 2012”

Around 300 exhibitors from 10 countries presented no less than 1,000 state-of-the-art construction machines and construction vehicles at the MAVEW Show in the Port of Enns/Enns from 21 to 24 March 2012. 32,500 trade visitors had a first-class overview of the latest developments in the market on the 100,000 m² site. Many exhibitors described the quality of trade visitors as outstanding.

Trade exhibitors unanimously agreed that many decision-makers from the industry had found their way to the Port of Enns/Enns. The high percentage of international guests (17%) who visited the MAVEW Show 2012 was particularly pleasing. Against this background, many discussions were held about possible cooperation, business transactions were initiated and concluded and customer contacts were additionally made and maintained. As a result, the MAVEW Show proved to be a powerful stimulus for the industry at just the right time.

Messe Graz received unanimous praise for its perfect preparation and its handling of logistics. Transportation of trade visitors using the dedicated shuttle service specially set up for the show also worked perfectly. Trade fair manager Thomas Karner was particularly pleased about this. He said, “The experience of our project manager Siegfried Erker had a very positive impact on the MAVEW Show and how it went. Even better was the fact that the event’s smooth operation was topped by the high-caliber of trade visitors on site.”

For Association President Ferdinand Beringer, the motto “Presenting instead of representing!” proved its value yet again. Beringer said happily, “A huge number of new contacts were made and will be followed-up or exploited in the long term – there were also plenty of direct sales. This proves yet again that the MAVEW Show has established itself as a construction industry highlight and, as the only show to present construction equipment, it is virtually impossible to imagine Austria without it.”

Rudolf Gruber, AM-Laser und Baugeräte HandelsgmbH: “The MAVEW Show 2012 has shown that we are on the right track and as a result we can look back with satisfaction on the past four days of the trade show. On the first day alone we welcomed a huge number of knowledgeable trade customers to our stand and it was pleasing to note that a good proportion of them were from overseas.”

Ines Prucha, M.Econ., Prucha Baumaschinen Ges.m.b.H.: “We are taking a great many positive impressions with us from the MAVEW Show 2012. The organization and the exhibition site were perfect for this event. Likewise both the quality and the quantity of visitors was excellent.”

Susanne Huber, BULLDOZER Handels G.m.b.H.: “Even the preparations for this year’s event and the execution on site were handled extremely professionally. We welcomed a large number of informed prospective customers to our stand during the course of the MAVEW Show and were able to present our entire product range.”

Thomas Holzer, Profiteam Holzer [Restoration of forest and alpine paths]: “Our company is itself a developer and producer and has a global presence. So for us the MAVEW Show is always an important platform for demonstrating our product innovations. Looking back, we are very pleased with the outcome because the increase in the proportion of overseas visitors is very much in our favor and we received concrete orders for Georgia and Bulgaria during the event.”

Günter Schmalnauer, MWT-Mobile Wiegetechnik GmbH: “We are very pleased with how the event went and, among other things, we used this year’s MAVEW Show to present our latest development – the weighing shovel. Weighing with this shovel is not carried out hydraulically as it used to be and it is accurate to 20 kg in any position of the shovel. There was significant interest in this innovation during the trade fair.”

Ing. Michael Winkelbauer, Maschinenbau Winkelbauer: “The MAVEW Show was well advertised and promoted in the run-up – this was very important for us as exhibitors and the effects were noticeable. It is worth mentioning that there was a correspondingly high level of international participation. We presented our entire product range on the stand during the MAVEW Show and were able to introduce visitors to a large number of new product innovations. Among these was the ‘crusher shovel’ by our partner VTN which we demonstrated in use for the first time at the show.”

Ing. Friedrich Mozelt, Zeppelin Austria: “The MAVEW Show 2012 once again proved to be a stimulus for the construction industry. We noticed a very positive mood and there was huge interest in our products. Visitors had the opportunity to find out about our new wheel loaders and crawler excavators and experience the machines in action at close quarters out in the open.”

Siegfried Eder, Kuhn Ladetechnik: “The MAVEW Show is a very important event for us as we can make direct contact with all manner of customers from managing directors to actual operators. It is also equally important that the event is organized in a central location – by this I mean the excellent preparation and a virtually perfect site. We were visited by customers from every federal state and also from overseas and were able to present our product innovation, the 90 meter tonne crane with a lifting power of 30 t, at a customer event during the MAVEW Show.”

Dr. Thomas Schmitz, Volvo Baumaschinen Österreich GmbH: “We tried to convey the main concept of the event by incorporating it in our ‘Testival’ motto for this year’s MAVEW Show. Customers were really enthusiastic about our show and had the opportunity to test the machines themselves. The interest in our products and sales on the stand exceeded our expectations. It is also gratifying that a large number of prospective overseas customers frequented the event.”

Harald Hornbacher, Laurer Baumaschinen: “The general conditions for this year’s MAVEW Show were very good. Excellent organization and a suitable site were equally important building blocks for the trade fair’s success. Looking back, we are very pleased with the way things went, the mood in the industry is good and representatives of Austria’s construction industry used the event as an important forum.”

Armin Egger, CEO/Director of Messe Congress Graz Ges.m.b.H, was also pleased with the outcome, “We have been busy with the preparation, planning and logistics of the MAVEW Show 2012 for almost two years and can now look back with satisfaction on the last four days. All the challenges we were up against, such as the search for a site with the necessary new layout planning and visitor transport using shuttle buses, were met to our utmost satisfaction and this was also confirmed by trade exhibitors. For us, the focus and orientation of Europe’s biggest demonstration event for construction machinery signifies another step in the successful implementation of our trade fair strategy and it is worth noting that the international dimension of the event is also remarkable.”


Production: LAB|42FILMS OG
Source: MAVEW News Room