Preview of Some of the Main Events Being Organised for SAMOTER 2011

Inaugural Convention
Wednesday 2 March – 10.30/12.30
Sustainable Design & Construction: Explorations of Trends and Best Practices
A high profile inaugural convention focusing on the topic of sustainability, that will involve a round table discussing international and national best practice with two “sessions” – one conducted by American architect Stephanie Vierra and the other by Italian scientific moderator, Prof. Benno Albrecht.
When designing a bridge or an entire built-up area, an integrated orientation towards design and sustainable building can ensure a contribution that is much more meaningful and far-reaching than the simple concept of energy saving. This approach can achieve the objective of improving the layout of areas, reducing waste and using more sustainable materials to attain long-term economic and ecological benefits. The seminar intends to present the key concepts in sustainable building, based on these fundamental concepts. The presentation of case studies will highlight different applications and international prospects.
The convention will be followed by the Samoter International Awards
Samoter International Award
The inaugural convention will be followed by the presentation of the Samoter International Awards which are made in recognition of distinction in the development and success of site activity on a national and international scale in terms of technological innovation and scientific research. The 5 categories of the Award are: International Countries, Designers, Machinery Manufacturers, Italian Companies and International Companies.
Samoter Technical Innovation Competition
Presentation Ceremony 2 March 2011 – 18.30/20.00. 18.30/20.00
The 20th Anniversary of the Award will see the presentation of awards to the 2011 winners and special mentions as well as acknowledgement of the winners of past editions belonging to the Hall of Fame of the Samoter Technical Innovation Competition.
SAMOTER SPECIAL: dedicated approaches to individual trade sectors.

There follows a preview of some of the scheduled events.
ROAD DAY, dedicated to operators in the road building, machinery and plant sector
Thursday 3 March, 10.00-13.00 – Convention: ”Juridical reforms and tenders”
in collaboration with SITEB (Italian Road Asphalt Bitumen Association)
Friday 4 March, 10.00-13.00 – Convention: “Sustainable environment and safety in the world of asphalt”
in collaboration with SITEB (Italian Road Asphalt Bitumen Association)
QUARRYING DAY, dedicated to crushing and quarry operators
Friday, 4 March 2010 – Convention dedicated to sensitive topics in the quarrying and crushing world, such as innovation, safety and eco-sustainability. The convention will be attended by international guests such as the main exponents of the European Federation of Aggregate Producers (UEPG).
in collaboration with Anepla and media partner Edizioni Pei
HOISTING DAY, dedicated to operators in the lifting field
Ipaf (International Powered Access Federation) and Macchine Cantieri magazine will organise a demo area in the test park dedicated to live demonstrations from of the latest innovations.
This site will exhibit operating systems such as a single-arm truck-mounted platform, as well as a self-erecting column platform (PLAC) and a transport platform used for practical demonstrations of work at height in a safe manner. The demo area will be set up in collaboration with Setif, the IPAF Training Centre, which is also authorised for self-erecting work and transport platforms, on hand with its proven Mobile Training Unit.
TUNNELLING DAY, dedicated to tunnelling and underground work operators
Wednesday 2 March – Thursday 3 March – Convention: “Excavation earth and rocks in underground works: technical excavation and juridical-administrative disposal problems”
in collaboration with SIG – (Società Italiana Gallerie)
RENTAL DAY, dedicated to hire operators
Wednesday 2 March, 14.30 – Convention: “Streamlined distribution of capital goods”
in collaboration with Assodimi (Association of Distributors and Hirers of Industrial Machines)
Friday 4 March, 14.30 – Round Table: “Hire in Europe”
in collaboration with Assodimi (Association of Distributors and Hirers of Industrial Machines)
Source: Samoter Press Room