Previews of Events at ''Vehicle Day'' Dedicated to Vehicle Operators

In collaboration with ANFIA (National Association of Automobile Industries)
Samoter in 2-6 March 2011 will bring together the major vehicle brands, such as ASTRA, ISUZU, IVECO, VOLVO, MERCEDES, RENAULT and SCANIA.
Samoter offers these companies and all vehicle operators two conventions organised in collaboration with Anfia (National Association of Automobile Industries) covering the following themes:
– Safety of people/load lifting/hoisting machinery, focusing on crucial aspects such as maintenance, training of operators and periodic checks.
The event will be organised with the support of IPA (International Powered Access Federation), with which ANFIA has set up a cooperation relationship.
In particular, discussion will focus on the implementation of the dispositions envisaged by consolidated legislation for the safety of workers involving more effective periodic checks by appointing private operators for control operations; the Consolidated Law also envisages the creation of a training system for operators to help reduce accidents caused by operator errors.
– EU type-approval of commercial and industrial vehicles: an important opportunity for expansion on international markets by manufacturers/fitters that nevertheless involves the need to manage various problems associated with the practical development of of a single type-approval outline.
The European type-approval system – already operative on an optional basis – will become compulsory. The advantage of being able to work on all 27 markets in the European Union with a single certificate of conformity, however, is flanked by numerous practical problems emerging in the transition stage that must be duly managed.
The focus on the evolution of standards concerns the technological contents of vehicles and future stages in product innovation in terms of safety and protecting the environment.
Source: SAMOTER Press Room