R 950 SME: new Liebherr crawler excavator complies with IIIB exhaust emission limits

Liebherr is exhibiting its new R 950 SME crawler excavator for the first time at the 2012 ‘Intermat’ trade fair in Paris. With an operating weight of approximately 44 tonnes, it is positioned between the standard version of the R 946 and the next-larger model, the R 956 – which are also newly developed models that comply with Stage IIIB / Tier 4i exhaust emission standards.
The R 950 SME, which is within the 45-tonne class, has been developed specifically to increase productivity in tough stone-quarrying applications. The ‘SME’ acronym stands for ‘Super Mass Excavation’. The machine is for instance equipped with a reinforced undercarriage featuring crawler-track components from the larger R 956. In conjunction with a heavier counterweight, this ensures higher stability, allowing the use of a larger bucket. The equipment of the R 950 SME has been optimised for higher tear-out and breakout forces.
Compared with the standard version, the R 950 SME has a higher engine output. Its new 6-cylinder common-rail diesel engine, from the Liebherr Competence Centre for Diesel Engines in Bulle (Switzerland) delivers 220 kW (300 hp) from a displacement of 10.5 litres. This engine complies with Stage IIIB/Tier 4i exhaust emission standards, for which purpose its specification includes an external exhaust gas recirculation system and a diesel particulate filter with active regeneration.
What distinguishes the latest crawler excavator generation most clearly from the previous one is its increased productivity, while at the same time fuel consumption has been reduced. On the new R 950 SME too, this is achieved by optimised interaction between hydraulic and electronic components – Liebherr’s “Integral Excavator System” technology. This is an intelligent system that guarantees smooth, fast and effective cycle movements. This technology is based on a Positive Control hydraulic system and specific control logic. Two independent hydraulic circuits allow components to be controlled in the most efficient way, in particular when movements are superimposed. The required hydraulic flow is made available rapidly enough and with optimal use of energy. Depending on the nature of the work energy efficiency increases up to 20 %, and fuel efficiency can simultaneously be up to 15 % higher than on the previous version.
The higher dynamic performance of the R 950 SME is not only derived from the engine power and the new hydraulic system. Travel speed is 20 % higher and, coupled with a 7 % increase in drawbar pull, it makes the new excavator distinctly more manoeuvrable across rough terrain. Working cycles are improved by a 7 % increase to 211 kN in tear-out force, and a 9 % increase to 255 kN in breakout force. The innovative new profile of the Liebherr tooth system permits deeper penetration and also boosts excavator productivity.
The R 950 SME’s maintenance concept has been revised to shorten the daily maintenance duration and thus increases the excavator availability. Maintenance points are easy to reach, and in addition to that, the R 950 SME has a fully automatic central lubrication system as a standard feature.
For the R 950 SME’s operator, the new cab concept of generous size creates a pleasant sense of space. For maximum comfort and convenience, there is a standard air- suspension operator seat and an ergonomic control layout. Thanks to its high resolution, the large 7-inch touch screen is suitable for video display and can be used for various tasks, such as checking, adjusting and monitoring. Another standard feature is the automatic air conditioning, with 13 air outlets to ensure a pleasant working climate even in high temperature working conditions. The image from the standard rear-view camera can also be displayed on the screen.
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