Raimondi Cranes delivers pre-orders of the newly launched LR213 luffing crane

July 19, 2016– Raimondi Cranes SpA, established in 1863, has launched a new addition to its existing luffing crane lineup, the LR213. Ideal for the urban jobsite, the LR213 performs especially well in construction scenarios involving high rise buildings in close proximity, or areas with difficult to obtain flyover rights. Deliveries of the new crane have already commenced from the heritage crane manufacturer’s headquarters in Italy, fulfilling five pre-launch orders submitted by Raimondi agents across three continents.
“The LR213’s noteworthy aspects include impressive hoisting performance, flexibility, and easy maintenance. Raimondi’s new luffing crane can lift the maximum load without reduction of capacity with the full jib of 55 meters. This not only increases loading capacity, but also increases speed and additional rope capacity. There is flexibility in choice with the LR213 as two different new hoisting winches at 55 kW or 75 kW are available – specifically designed for luffing cranes –  to have increased speed paired with more control and more rope capacity at both power levels,” explains Eng. Domenico Ciano, Technical Director, Raimondi Cranes.
Ciano adds that the Raimondi luffing LR213, with fast assembly and commissioning, is a result of solution-based design. The crane’s new control system and tie-rod will appeal to contractors, he continued. “The crane is easy to maintain, with hoisting and luffing winches mounted on the big counterjib platform. An increased counterjib surface is a result of the two lateral big service platforms. All the safety mechanisms and electronic devices are located on the counterjib, hence easy access for technicians and operators alike. Further, contractors will appreciate that the LR213 has the capacity to carry 1,000 meters of rope on its drum allowing for a lifting capacity of 14 tonnes in four falls at a working height of 250 meters. This aspect influenced contractor Harina of Spain’s choice to employ three LR213s on its latest jobsite in Qatar, the JW Marriot Hotel West Bay which stands at height of 250 meters.”
Raimondi Cranes Deluxe R16 cabin (2)
The largest luffing crane in the Raimondi range, the LR213 is available with five different jib length configurations, from a maximum jib length of 55 meters to a minimum jib length of 28 meters, that can all reach the maximum capacity of 14,000 kg. The max tip load with 55 meter jib configuration is 2,250 kg. With only one electrical cabinet installed on the cabin platform, prioritizing jobsite safety without compromising on agility is guaranteed, as this facilitates quick installation and cable connection. Paired with Raimondi’s new Deluxe R16 crane cabin, the LR213 luffing crane is an ideal investment for contractors or crane rental companies servicing urban jobsites.
Raimondi Cranes LR213 with the Deluxe R16 cabin (3)
The launch of Raimondi’s latest luffing crane comes on the heels of the unveiling of the MRT159, a tower crane presented at ANKOMAK 2016 in Instanbul. The Raimondi MRT159, with a 65 meter jib length and a maximum tip load of 1,650 kg, boasts a maxium load of 10,000 kg. Deliveries of the MRT159 began in July 2016.