REHAB Fair – Bangladesh

In a country of very high population density like Bangladesh, it is always a challenge to meet up the increasing demand of housing. Moreover, the people from rural Bangladesh are moving towards the cities/towns for their livelihood every day and it is not possible for the government to accommodate the people in the urban area by extending the housing facilities. The Real Estate companies are continuously trying to cope up with the housing need of the people by constructing buildings in the urban area. REHAB (Real Estate and Housing Association of Bangladesh), the trade association of the Real Estate developers of Bangladesh, was established in 1991 with 11 members. Since 2010, the number of associated companies increased up to 1081.
REHAB Fair - Bangladesh
To spread the activities of the REHAB and to bring the associated companies closure to the potential customers, REHAB started to organize fair with the name – REHAB Fair, since 2001. From that point, they are organizing the fair every year with few exceptions. Initially, the REHAB fair was centered to the capital city Dhaka, but the organizing committee has planned to spread the fair throughout the divisions of the country and abroad. REHAB has successfully organized their maiden housing fair outside of the country in 2004 and the venue was Quality Hotel Hempstead, 80 Clinton Street, New York, USA on August 2004.
From March 20, 2014, a five-day fair of real estate and housing, REHAB Fair 2014, was held in the Bangabandhu International Conference Center of Dhaka, Bangladesh. Some 155 real-estate and construction business companies have set their stalls in the fair. REHAB acting president and fair standing committee chairman, Md. Abdur Rashid uttered and ensured the customers that if any company fails to present the approval of Rajdhani Unnayan Kortripakkha (RAJUK), the governing body for real estate business for Bangladesh capital Dhaka, that company will not be allowed to participate in the fair. With the participation of the city dwellers, and the strict surveillance of the regulatory bodies, the fair has turned into a successful one.