SAMOTER 2011 – from 2nd to 6th March 2011 in Veronafiere

– the three-yearly International Exhibition of Earth Moving, Site and Building Industry Machinery
Sustainability is the keyword and leit motif of the 2011 edition. The objective of the event is to be an occasion for knowledge, training and analysis of the topic by analysing the various aspects applicable to the construction value chain: safety and attention to the building process, the relationship between environment and the economy, technical standards and regulations, products, tools and innovation, ethics and design.
Sustainability will also be the focus of the inaugural convention dealing with the topic Design and the Sustainable Building Industry: Trends and Best Practices which will involve, through a round table, national and international experiences presented in two sessions of comparisons between the north American and European markets. Whether designing a bridge, re-qualifying buildings or defining urban spaces for an entire community, an integrated approach between design and sustainable construction can achieve much more than just energy saving and ensure, for example, better layout of areas, reduction of waste and more sustainable use of materials, with long-term economic advantages and environmental benefits. The seminar aims to present the key concepts in the sustainable building industry by focusing on an integrated approach to design and construction through the presentation of “case studies” highlighting various international applications and experiences.
The 2011 edition will again propose the SAMOTER SPECIALS: courses dedicated to individual trade sectors such as earth moving, concrete, road building, drilling, crushing, hoisting, vehicles and components. Every sphere is graphically differentiated to help visitors identify the “route” of interest; each of the 9 sectors is therefore matched by an icon and an identification colour. Theme days will then back up these courses through dynamic events, seminars and conventions. The topic of sustainability will cross all sectors of the event.
Technical Innovation Competition
In keeping with tradition, 28th edition of Samoter will also reward particularly original and avant-garde creativity, design and products/services on the market. The Technical Innovation Competition, won in 2008 by Officine Meccaniche Ponzano Veneto with the Non Stop machine management system, is open to all manufacturers presenting previews at the exhibition of their  constructional and functional innovations. An important initiative that, for the 20th anniversary edition, sees the traditional award joined by a new section dedicated to sustainability. As well as rewarding the results of significant investments, this by now renowned and widely acknowledged event offers entrepreneurs and technicians in the sectors involved an opportunity for updates about technical-constructional and functional evolution of site activity. The award is assigned with reference to the contents or implementations of projects or products as regards energy saving, productivity, ergonomics and safety in use, as well as other aspects that in any case ensure added value and distinction. The jury, now joined by Chris Sleight, the expert editor of the KHL publishing group and Albrecht Benno, an architect specialising in sustainable constructions, is chaired by the new director of IMAMOTER, Ing. Roberto Paoluzzi, who will coordinate the Italian and European members and experts in the selection of the winner and special mentions.
To participate: send the subscription form to the address [email protected]   attaching all the necessary material and downloading the form from
The International Samoter Award
Founded in 1973, it is highly-regarded and sought-after recognition assigned for distinction in the development and success of site activity on a national and international scale. This award aims to emphasise the importance and efforts of those involved in expanding and consolidating an entrepreneurial system of absolute status in the world economic and social panorama, thereby becoming the home for technological innovation and scientific research. Awards for the 2008 edition in the “international country” category went to Panama for the project to widen the Canal, in the “designers” category to Geodata SpA, in the “machine constructors” category to Italian companies Merlo SpA and Officine Meccaniche di Ponzano Veneto SpA and in the “Italian company” category to Gruppo Ghella SpA and the “International company” to Acciona SA, Spain.