FOIV-Federation of Orders of Engineers in the Veneto Region will present award at Veronafiere to the most innovative proposals for the prevention of hydrogeological risk and the recovery of areas affected by natural calamities. Entries for the contest may be sent until 31 January. SaMoTer 2017 will focus on the contribution of earth moving equipment in emergency situations.
Verona, 12 January 2017 – An award for six outstanding projects combating hydrogeological problems and the action needed in the wake of natural calamities, such as earthquakes, landslides and floods. This initiative is launched by FOIV-Federation of Orders of Engineers in the Veneto Region that will make the awards to the winners during the 30th edition of SaMoTer, the International Triennial Earth Moving and Building Machinery Exhibition scheduled at Veronafiere 22-25 February 2017.
The contest – sponsored by the National Council of Engineers, the Civil Defence Department of the Veneto Region, the Veneto-Trentino Alto Adige Interregional Fire Brigade Directorate and Confindustria Veneto – targets engineers all over Italy who will be able present a project focusing on two topics: territorial safety in terms of prevention and recovery of areas affected by an environmental emergency.
The deadline for submissions complete with documentation has been extended until 31 January 2017. The regulations and enrolment methods are available online on the FOIV website ( or the SaMoTer website (
The three best entries in each of the two categories will be illustrated and rewarded during Samoter on 23 February: first prize is 1500 euros; with 1000 for second and 500 for third. The aim of the competition is to promote the most innovative solutions for protection of areas with significant hydrogeological risks such as Italy.
In this sphere, technology is proving to be increasingly crucial, over and above expertise and planning. This is why the focus of Samoter 2017 is entirely dedicated to the input that advanced earth-moving machinery can provide operators involved in hazardous environments.