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SAMOTER DEMO DAYS 2021 Construction Machinery “LIVE” in a Quarry

New event scheduled 30 September-2 October in an area of 200,000 sq.m. in Vaprio d’Adda (Milan, Italy)

Focus on technological innovation with the SaMoTer Demo Arena revealing the construction site of the future

Verona, 27 April 2021 – SaMoTer moves into a quarry. Veronafiere’s international exhibition dedicated to construction machinery launches a new live event in 2021 for Italy with SaMoTer Demo Days – Outdoor Edition. Three days (Thursday 30 September-Saturday 2 October) when professionals will be able to see vehicles, equipment and earthmoving, construction site and building machinery in action and field tests.

The event is scheduled in the quarry operated by the Vaprio Consortium│Nuova DemiStella, in Vaprio d’Adda, in the province of Milan, Italy. An area of more than 200,000 square meters will be available where companies can combine traditional static displays with hands-on opportunities to experience the potential of their products in an authentic real and dynamic operating context. Inside their own exhibit space exhibitors will be able to organize technical demonstrations or allow their customers to get into the driver’s seat to test the machine.

In addition, over the three-day period, technological innovation will again be in the forefront on the exclusive stage of the SaMoTer Demo Arena: a shared demo area of 15,000 square meters where visitors will be able to discover the latest solutions and applications for the construction site of the future.

Considerable attention was also given to services for exhibitors and visitors during the Demo Days event. The nearby Villa Castelbarco will provide parking connected to the quarry by shuttle bus as well as rooms equipped to host training initiatives and conferences organised by SaMoTer and its partners, as well as business meetings.

“The Demo Days project was immediately welcomed by SaMoTer’s steering committee,” explained Giovanni Mantovani, CEO of Veronafiere. “There was no event of this status in a quarry before in Italy. In 2021, it is an essential business appointment linking up with the recovery on the Italian construction machinery market and a further step towards the next edition of SaMoTer in Verona in 2023. All the more, the event it is even safer from a health point of view because it is 100% outdoor. I wish to thank ANEPLA, for having made such an active contribution towards identifying the most suitable location for the event, and UNACEA, for which SaMoTer is an exhibition partner.”

“Entrepreneurs in the mining and quarrying sector like me, who view ANEPLA as their common home,” said Claudio Bassanetti, President of ANEPLA, the Italian Association of Stone Quarries and Producers (member of Confindustria), “enjoy a consolidated bond with the earthmoving exhibition because the evolution of machinery, so clearly highlighted by SaMoTer over the years, has accompanied the growth of our entire world. The current situation has brought about the need to conceive new organizational formulas and ANEPLA immediately and enthusiastically accepted Veronafiere’s invitation to collaborate and sponsor a ‘live’ event hosted in a quarry as a symbol for the restart we have all been waiting for a long time.”

“The Demo Days organized by SaMoTer,” said Mirco Risi, President of UNACEA, the Italian Construction Equipment Association, “are an innovative event that combines the need for events attended in person, the need to work in safe health conditions and the added value of being able to see and test drive machinery and equipment.”

Source: Samoter Press

samoter demo days