Enrolments are now open for the Samoter International Innovation Competition, the prestigious award dedicated to technical and technological evolution for machines, equipment, plant and prototypes with new design and/or practical innovations or fundamental improvements to existing machines.


Samoter International Novelties Competition represents one of the most qualified and selective “showcases” highlighting the technical and technological evolution on show during the Exhibition. The competition is open to machines, equipment, plant and prototypes boasting new concepts and/or practical innovations and/or fundamental improvements of existing machines. The award, is assigned in relation to innovations and/or improvements concerning energy saving, productivity, ergonomics, safety in use as well as other aspects which in any case ensure added value for products. As the last edition, registration and project consignment procedures have been simplified by using Internet services. Once the regulations have been read and accepted, simply send the completely filled out forms to Veronafiere using the [email protected] e-mail address, including all materials requested.

The Technical Innovation Competition, won in 2008 by Officine Meccaniche Ponzano Veneto with the Non Stop machine management system, is open to all manufacturers presenting previews at the exhibition of their  constructional and functional innovations. An important initiative that, for the 20th anniversary edition, sees the traditional award joined by a new section dedicated to sustainability. As well as rewarding the results of significant investments, this by now renowned and widely acknowledged event offers entrepreneurs and technicians in the sectors involved an opportunity for updates about technical-constructional and functional evolution of site activity. The award is assigned with reference to the contents or implementations of projects or products as regards energy saving, productivity, ergonomics and safety in use, as well as other aspects that in any case ensure added value and distinction. The jury, now joined by Chris Sleight, the expert editor of the KHL publishing group and Albrecht Benno, an architect specialising in sustainable constructions, is chaired by the new director of IMAMOTER, Ing. Roberto Paoluzzi, who will coordinate the Italian and European members and experts in the selection of the winner and special mentions.

Send your requests to: [email protected]

The application forms are downable from Samoter website in the International Novelties Competition area or by visiting this page: