SANY truck-mounted concrete pumps at “Intermat 2012”

The world’s market leader for concrete pumps presents its new products

SANY, the world’s market leader for concrete pumps, will be the focus of attention in April 2012 at “Intermat” in France, as it will be featuring the results of its many years of investment in research, development and quality. The company will be presenting its equipment in an outdoor area measuring 4,665 m².
The SYG 5260 THB 36 truck-mounted concrete pump with RZ5 placing boom
The SYG 5260 THB is a truck-mounted concrete pump in the 30-metre category with five placing boom arms. The RZ5 placing boom supplements the advantages offered by the roll fold below with a Z-fold exactly where it makes sense in use: on the fifth arm with the end hose, the “flyer”.
The kinematics of the flyer of approx. 270° allow for maximum flexibility while ensuring a range with very good slip characteristics. The newly designed self-supporting low-distortion basic frame with X support at the front and a straight support at the rear allows for a small space requirement for deployment while ensuring absolute stability. It is mounted on a standard four-axle chassis with a total weight of 27.5 tonnes. The result is a compact yet manoeuvrable machine with little overhang.
SYG 5320 THB 42 with RZ5 placing boom
Just as with the 36-metre-category THB, SANY is also presenting a truck-mounted concrete pump with five distributor mast arms for the 40-metre category with the proven low-mounted roll fold and Z-fold. The sturdy self-supporting basic frame in box girder construction has supporting arms at the front which have dual telescoping capability. At the rear, the support can be swung out hydraulically and pivoted directly on the basic frame. This transfers the forces from the load torque of the placing boom directly to the rear supports, ensuring stable working characteristics even for extreme placing boom positions.
Conveyor units for the truck-mounted concrete pumps SYG 5260 THB 36 and SYG 5320 THB 42
The conveyor units for SANY’s concrete pumps are equipped with precision electronic controls that act as “electronic brains” to store key data. If errors occur, a notification appears in the colour display immediately.
With its power control, the hydraulic drive unit is able to deliver energy savings of up to 20%.
Another notable feature is the fully hydraulic sequence control of the conveyor unit in a secure and open hydraulic circuit. The automatic pressure equalisation when switching the slider cylinder of the rugged S-diverter valve reduces loud pressure peaks.
A SANY exclusive is the further simplification of service and maintenance of the conveyor units: the delivery pistons are moved directly into the rinsing chamber for exchange using an extended stroke of the hydraulic work cylinder. Once this has been done, the change can take place quickly, in a matter of minutes.
Source: SANY Press Release