SDLG launches new Tier 4 Final L959F, the company’s largest wheel loader in North America

The 4.0 yd3 capacity wheel loader is a more environmentally friendly replacement for the previous model in the same class, and features several other upgrades and enhancements.
SDLG has launched its largest wheel loader in North America to date: the L959F. The new machine is a Tier 4 Final upgrade to its predecessor, the LG959, and features a 4.0 yd³ capacity bolt-on edge bucket, as well as a Deutz-SDLG SD80F engine.
“SDLG makes ‘value’ machines for customers that need quality equipment for their applications, but not necessarily the cutting-edge technological features that premium brands feature,” said Nick Tullo, sales manager for SDLG North America. “But that doesn’t mean they don’t want options that are more environmentally friendly, so the L959F completes our transition to a complete range of Tier 4 final engines.”
Along with a Tier 4 Final rating, several additional enhancements have been made to the L959F. These improvements include:

  • A new, branded SD80F engine, manufactured by Deutz, for improved serviceability and technical interface
  • Passive regeneration of the engine to improve operator performance
  • LED work lights and rear view camera are now standard equipment
  • Cab is twice as quiet as the prior model
  • Improved serviceability of the engine compartment via a new compartment door
  • Chrome coupler pins for better engagement and disengagement of the quick coupler
  • Joystick control with forward, neutral and reverse directions on the joystick; first gear kickdown on trigger finger
  • Improved heating and air conditioning controls
  • Guarding on underside of front and rear frames

“This wheel loader shines with its stability and durability, and its strong breakout force makes it ideal for jobs like sand and gravel loading, residential or commercial building, or more unique jobs like car handling,” Tullo explained. “With a variety of attachments available, the L959F is suitable for a wide range of applications.”
The L959F is now available and is backed by a 12-month, 2,000-hour warranty. SDLG’s entire dealer network in the region will offer the wheel loader.
Source: SDLG