SDLG smoothes the way in Borneo jungle

SDLG smoothes the way in Borneo jungle
SDLG has delivered its first motor grader in Indonesia to a coal-handling operation in the heart of the Borneo jungle. Korean-owned electricity provider, PT KEPID Technology Indonesia, reports that it is pleased with the machine’s power, fuel efficiency and control.
Korean Electric Power Industrial Development Co., Ltd (KEPID) is one of Korea’s largest electricity providers – and the company is expanding its operations beyond its national borders to deliver better services to customers across the globe. One of its subsidiaries, PT KEPID Technology, is a coal handling operation based in the Indonesian part of Borneo, Kalimantan, where the first SDLG motor grader has been put to work.
Located at a river port around 200 km from South Kalimantan’s capital – Banjarmasin – the site receives crushed coal via trucks that transport it from a nearby crushing plant before it is loaded onto awaiting ships. The SDLG G9190 motor grader is used to keep the loading and unloading area flat and smooth for optimal on-site operations. Used primarily as a support machine, PT KEPID Technology’s operations manager, Daniel Krismantoro, explains that the company realized it didn’t need all the bells and whistles of a premium machine when considering this latest equipment addition. “The grader isn’t in operation all day, every day, so we don’t need an expensive machine – just something that will do the job when we need it,” he says.
Since taking delivery of the SDLG G9190 motor grader two months ago, Krismantoro has been pleased with its performance. “The fuel efficiency and power rival any other brand of motor grader, so we feel like we’ve got a really good deal for the price of the machine,” he continues.
SDLG smoothes the way in Borneo jungle -
The G9190 motor grader was launched at last year’s Mining Indonesia show in Indonesia’s capital city of Jakarta. Shandong Lingong Machinery Co., Ltd. (known as Lingong) manufactures its SDLG branded wheel loaders, excavators and road machinery at its one-million-square-meter manufacturing facility in Linyi, China. Lingong is constantly evolving as a manufacturer and is focused on changing the perceptions of China-made products by providing durable and reliable equipment at a lower cost. A major factor in helping the company achieve this is its manufacturing and design process, the Lingong Production System (LPS). This process eliminates waste, improves efficiency and, most importantly, maximizes quality.
The G9190 motor grader is powered by a 146 kW rated German-designed Dalian Deutz Stage II electronic injection engine that not only saves energy but maximizes performance. The low-noise engine is matched to the grader’s electro-hydraulic transmission control system. Also featured on the G9190 grader is the new generation cab with falling-object and roll-over protection structure (FOPS/ROPS) for better operator safety. The cab’s design incorporates ergonomic control layout for improved precision grading, as well as a shock-absorbent seat for maximum comfort.
For Rudi F, machine operator at PT KEPID Technology, this is the first SDLG machine he’s operated. He says: “I’m impressed with the performance – it performs as well as any of the other brands of motor grader I’ve operated – but the cab is much more comfortable.”
Lingong is dedicated to offering customers excellent aftermarket support and has global service and parts-distribution networks that are continually growing. Its local Indonesian dealer, PT Intraco Penta Prima Servis (IPPS), serves customers across the islands of Kalimantan, Sulawesi and Maluku, and has a local knowledge of the 18,000-island archipelago.
“We receive great support from IPPS,” Krismantoro says. “For us, a good relationship with your local dealer is highly important – and is what will keep us buying their products.” Rural Kalimantan can be a difficult place to navigate with many unmade roads, potholes and speed restrictions. But IPPS uses any means possible to get its technicians and spare parts to a customer site quickly – even if it means transporting them by river boat.
SDLG smoothes the way in Borneo jungle --