SIMA at the BIG 5 SHOW

SIMA, the leading Spanish manufacturer of light construction machinery, was present at The BIG 5 Show, the Middle East’s largest building and construction fair. The event took place in Dubai from November 5th to 8th. On the opening day, SIMA was honoured to receive the visit of José Eugenio Salarich Fernández-Valderrama, Spanish Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates.

The SIMA stand was located at the Official Spanish Pavilion, organised by the Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade (ICEX), where the Granada-based company showcased new products, including the COBRA MEKANO and HALCÓN-95. At the event, SIMA also made contacts with new dealers in the area and achieved significant sales figures.
One of the main attractions of this show, which has a history of over 30 years, is the large number of visitors from the Persian Gulf countries, where the construction market is in continuous growth. Moreover, visitor profiles are very varied and cover all segments of the sector, which endows the fair with the professional quality needed to establish new contacts. For this reason, the event is particularly beneficial for companies wishing to consolidate their commercial relationships in the region.
This is the case of SIMA and during the show, the company managed to achieve all the targets previously set for the event. In the words of David Vílchez, Manager of International Sales for Europe, Asia and Africa, “we have consolidated our brand image and our product image, as well as fulfilling commitments to our sales network in the region”.
Moreover, SIMA established contacts with new distributors, thereby completing the sales network in countries that are key to its expansion program. A good example of this is the agreement reached with representatives of Industrial Equipment and Services Company (IESCO), which will provide support in Qatar as a dealer and provider of technical service for the range of material cutters, pavement and surface treatment machines, and rebar cutting and bending machines.
“We also entered into important sales agreements worth around €200,000 with current and new clients from seven countries in the region”, confirms David Vílchez.
A key area
The countries belonging to the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) are vital to the internationalisation strategy being pursued by the company since 2007, due to the size of the market and the great number of projects underway and in the pipeline. “Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain and Kuwait represent the main focal points for construction in this region, both in terms of public works and also with respect to residential and commercial construction”, points out the Manager of International Sales for Europe, Asia and Africa.
The situation in the United Arab Emirates, and more specifically in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, “is gradually improving in comparison to the previous three years, although the astronomical revenue figures being talked about prior to the onset of the world financial crisis do not currently exist”, in the opinion of David Vílchez.
The Big 5 Show 2012 boasted a very varied attendance. In addition to the afore-mentioned countries, visitors to the event came from all parts of the the Persian Gulf, including the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Yemen, Iraq and Iran. Africa and Asia were also well represented with visitors from Egypt, Libya, Algeria, Turkey, Sudan, Nigeria, Ethiopia, India and Pakistan. In total, there were approximately 2,500 exhibitors from 70 countries and 27 national pavilions.
Launches and products
The obvious importance of this trade fair made it more than worthwhile for SIMA to attend with an extensive range of products, including a number of new products. The Big 5 Show 2012 saw the launch of the HALCON-95 concrete power trowel and the COBRA MEKANO floor saw, “a compact machine offering innovative solutions and multiple benefits for asphalt and concrete cutting, due to its light weight and efficiency. It provides excellent performance for four diamond blade diameters (350, 400, 450 and 500 mm)”, says the Manager of International Sales for Europe, Asia and Africa.
Many of SIMA’s most successful products were also showcased at the event, including the MEKANO, BALI, VENUS-150 and SPADA-40 saw models and the pavement treatment range, which features the innovative TRENCHER 60/70 double-blade asphalt floor saw.
Visitors also saw live demos of the rebar cutting and bending range, including the BEND3R-45, COMB3R 30/36, CEL-35, STAR-16, CX-16, -20, -25 and ATA-400. In addition, the company presented complete displays of SIMA DIAMANT and SIMA ABRASIVOS diamond blades.
Source: SIMA News Room