Steel Structures and Advanced Solutions to Civil and Industrial Construction were Exhibited in Moscow

On June 6-9 Moscow hosted Steelstructures’2016, the first International Specialized Exhibition, which can be truly called the main summer event in the steel construction industry.
During four days of the exhibition top managers and specialists from various industry segments: rolled metal products producers and suppliers, equipment distributors, engineering companies, R&D centers as well as steel and aluminium users were discussing a range of issues related to steel structures production and use.
107 companies from Russia and abroad participated in SteelStructures’2016.
From the very first day Steelstructures’2016 Exhibition was showing the intense pace of business activity keeping it to the closing. The positive atmosphere in the exhibition halls contributed to productive work. According to the organizer’s statistics, more than 3k industry professionals visited SteelStructures’2016.
Steel Construction Development Association and Russian Union of Metal and Steel Suppliers endorsed the exhibition and were actively engaged in shaping of the conference program.
The exhibitors admitted the high level of organization and outlined huge visitor interest.
“Exhibition attendance is good, many visitors show interest in our products, including clients we’ve been actively working with”, shared his impressions Mr. Y. Matveyev , Tyumenstalmost Representative.
“There is a great number of active visitors and a keen interest in our products “, commented Mr. D. Popov, Sales Manager in Scientific Practical Centre for Corrosion Protection.
“There is a hard -driving conference program at the exhibition. We are actively negotiating with potential clients, there are interesting proposals for cooperation as well”, said Ms. A. Pirogova, Metal-Don Marketing Manager.
“We admitted interest towards our company. There are many business proposals from rolled metal products suppliers, equipment and fastener manufacturers, solutions for corrosion protection “, admitted Mr. Y. Undalov , 342 Mechanical Plant Representative.
Apart from presenting state-of-the-art solutions and products exhibitors actively held business meetings and negotiations, some of which resulted in signing cooperation agreements.
At SteelStructures’2016 Severstal-Metiz concluded a number of supply agreements with energy companies. In particular, one of the power lines of 450 km length will be supplied with Severstal-Metiz fasteners.
The four-day conference program of SteelStructures’2016 included 15 events.
At Steel Construction, All-Russian conference participants discussed the current trends in the construction industry. According to experts, the share of construction accounts for over 50% of the steel consumption in Russia and development of this sector largely determines the situation in the Russian steel industry.
Experts foresee in 2016-2017 new housing supply in Russia dropping to the level of 2009-2010. At the same time, residential construction with the use of steel structure could reach 1 million sqm.
Discussed issues covered development of cooperation between steel structures manufacturers and steel suppliers, Russian market of light gauge steel framings, typical solutions, pricing policy, fire and corrosion protection, norms for steel structures engineering and manufacture, best implemented solutions for steel structures application. The business event concluded with awarding winners of the contest for The Best Solutions for Applications of Steel and Aluminium in Construction. Twenty five applications were submitted for the contest, eleven of them were awarded with SteelStructures’2016 medals.
At the conference Modern Equipment and Technologies for Steel Structures Galvanizing were discussed the current state of the sub-industry. Despite the increase in the number of hot-dip galvanizing companies (50 plants in 15 years) in recent years there is a decline due to the negative economic situation. According to various estimates, the demand for hot-dip galvanizing fell by 15-30%, but at the same time market is expected to recover and reach level of 2011-2012 with further growth.
As a part of the Steel Try-Out, Master class roofing experts tested steel grades and metal roofing and shared practical tips.
Steel Construction Development Association presented projects and awarded winners of Steel2Real , the All-Russian student competition among future architects and engineers . The winners received gift certificates for educational courses and tours to London.
On June 8 SteelStructures’2016 expanded the range of issues and the geography of discussion platforms. Aluminum: alloys, rolled products and profiles for industry and construction, the two-day International Conference has gathered about 70 executives and experts from aluminum manufacturing companies, steel trading companies, industrial enterprises, governmental authorities and public organizations.
The plenary sessions of aluminum forum included reports of such speakers as top managers of Alcoa Russia, Kamensk-Uralsky Metallurgical Works, Gazprombank, Aluminium Metallurg Rus, TATPROF, International Aluminium Company, MOST-1, Galaktika, Aluminum Alloys Factory, Soyuzlom and others. Executives and experts from aluminum companies were approaching such pressing problems as current situation in the aluminum industry, opportunities for cooperation between producers and users, development and application of new types of aluminum alloys, trends in production and consumption of aluminum and products based on it in a variety of industries, modern construction solutions with the use of aluminum, outlook for the Russian market of aluminum products in the near future. On the second conference day, participants made a field trip to International Aluminium Company in Pavlovsky Posad.
An impressive number of professionals gathered a seminar Perfect Steel Structures Plant. During it steel structures manufacturers and suppliers of equipment and software discussed how to create the perfect plant for steel structures production. Key recommendations: utilize relevant information about steel structures manufacturers and demand for their products in a specific region, use general-purpose high-performance equipment, as well as introduce automation in the current manufacturing process, get acquainted with the successful experience of leading market participants.
At the scientific and practical conference Welding, Cutting and Steel Structures Thermal Protective Coatings representatives of leading companies and associations exchanged views on the existing sub-industry problems, as well as prospects for new welding solutions and technologies.
On the closing day of SteelStructures’2016 organizers awarded winners in nomination for the best exposition.
SteelStructures’2016 is the first specialized event in Russia addressing problems of steel structures production and use in construction. A wide range of issues discussed, high business activity, a large number of visitors, exhibitor diversity all this proves the exhibition to be in demand by professional community as well as its great potential establishing it as a permanent meeting place for steel construction industry professionals.