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Terex Trucks names ICP in Costa Rica

To further its ability to supply and support its off-highway machines around the world, Terex Trucks has appointed ICP as its official dealer in Costa Rica.
Terex Trucks has partnered with ICP (International Construction Parts) to distribute and support its articulated dump trucks in Costa Rica. Strengthening its capacity to aid customers in the Americas, the Scottish manufacturer’s collaboration with ICP will ensure that the requirements for the acquisition and maintenance of machines are met to a high standard.
“The reliable and robust articulated haulers from Terex Trucks are a welcome addition to ICP’s facility in Heredia, Costa Rica, and we’re confident that the expansion of our offering will also please customers,” comments Flavio Travano, president at ICP.
Vibrant growth prospects
Known for its success in attracting foreign investment, Costa Rica’s rapidly growing economy has diversified sectors such as pharmaceuticals, ecotourism, and agriculture. The environmentally friendly country, which has a population of just under five million, is among the most prosperous, progressive, and stable nations in Latin America.
Bordered by Colombia, Ecuador, Nicaragua, and Panama, Costa Rica’s major economic resources are in its strategic location in the Central American isthmus with fertile land, frequent rainfall, and a skilled workforce. Travano adds: “Costa Rica has vibrant prospects of economic activity due to the large projects in the area of road building and infrastructure, which means that the aggregate and quarry sectors have great potential for development.
“We forecast that once these projects are on the move, ICP will be in a stronger position thanks to the addition of Terex Trucks’ articulated concept to the product portfolio. As a distributor, we strive to offer our customers the very best, and that is why we thought it necessary to have equipment within our fleet that is dedicated to earthmoving.”
Diversified enterprise
With customers active in the construction, industrial, transportation, and mining markets, ICP was founded in 2000 and has facilities in both Costa Rica and Miami. The company prides itself on excellent product quality and distinguished technical support.
Side view of the 38-tonne capacity TA400 as it takes on a steep incline.
Terex Trucks will offer all three models of its articulated haulers – TA250, TA300, and TA400 – in Costa Rica. Created in Motherwell, Scotland, the proven performers provide payloads from 25 to 38 tonnes and present the perfect balance of power, torque, and effective gearing, coupled with optimum weight distribution to move more material in less time with less fuel in arduous environments.
“I am pleased to welcome ICP to the Terex Trucks family; ICP will be responsible for the sales and servicing of Terex Trucks’ articulated haulers within Costa Rica. The company has earned a reputation for excellent customer service and distinguished technical support, as well as a long history of proudly serving the construction and mining industries for over 12 years. The addition of the Terex Trucks’ articulated hauler to ICP complements the existing products sold and serviced and we look forward to growing our business with ICP,” says Matt Deloglos, director of sales and marketing Americas at Terex Trucks.