The 57th edition of NordBau – September 6th to 11th, 2012

Germany’s compact exhibition of construction – premiering as a source of inspiration for young professionals

The over 900 exhibitors, from 15 countries, at the already fully booked 57th edition of the NordBau in Neumünster, September 6th to 11th, await more than 70.000 visitors and specialists from Germany, Scandinavia and the Baltic countries.

Located between Hamburg and Kiel, on the Holstenhallen fairgrounds in Neumünster, there are more than 69.000 m² open air exhibition grounds and over 20.000 m² in hall spaces, available for the presentations and special shows of construction machinery and equipments, communal service equipments, construction elements, heating and energy techniques exhibitors.
The largest compact exhibition of the construction industry in northern Europe goes along with 38 symposia of the major specialized organizations and institutions.

Fascination of the construction professions with nordjob-Bau, the fair’s Monday

For the first time a construction fair offers the platform for a targeted recruitment campaign with an apprenticeship exchange, information on career prospects and study within the wide range of construction professions. “If not on a show like this, then where else for students and young people to better get to know the fascination and the interesting in the so many professions, to experience by touch and trial”, says Frerich Ibelings, Chief Executive of the Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein Construction Industry Federation. The success of this impulse event is a given. 1600 students, more than the targeted number, have applied already for concrete discussions with roughly 40 participating companies, looking for apprentices and students. The students will travel on Monday, September 10th, by bus from Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Hamburg, Schleswig-Holstein and Lower Saxony, to the nordjob-Construction Day, within the framework of NordBau.
Moreover, information booths and exhibitors with presentations and counseling on professional choices are available every day of the fair for interested young people.

Healthy building and renovating – special show with an experience home and counseling

In Hall nine, just by the South entrance, in a show house with a healthy built children room, several practical solutions on healthy building and renovating shall be presented. Both low emission tested building materials will be shown, as well as concepts on how construction products can be used in a more secure manner. For builders and craftsmen, but also for representatives of municipalities, it becomes increasingly important to find out how pollutants in building materials can be avoided as much as possible during construction and renovation. Attention is focused on public buildings such as kindergartens and schools as well as allergies screened living rooms. Brands of paint, plaster, flooring with matching adhesives, wall coverings, interior panels, doors, insulation, and buildings waterproofing systems are part of this special show, coordinated by the Sentinel House Institute.

At NordBau, visitors will find, as usually, Germany’s platform for brick and clinker with the widest range on show. Brick and clinker for building constructions and paving clinker, in their wide range, belong not only in northern Germany to the most popular natural building materials. The manufacturers inform about the excellent heat storage capacity of bricks, as they regulate temperature and through their natural capillary system, they also regulate humidity. The numerous exhibitors in this area of the building materials industry have prepared a large variety of facades and new developments, mostly for the attention of architects and planners.

Hall 9 is once again the focal point for timber construction. The experts of the special exhibition „Zukunft Holzbau“(“Future Timber”), offer detailed information on wood as a construction material, up to individual solutions for any building project. Manufacturers, carpenters, architects and the independent advisor, “Informationsdienst Holz”, advise and inform the interested fair visitors at the joint booth.

A variety of large and compact construction machinery, with focus on ergonomics

The outdoor equipment presentation will be also this year one of the „eye catchers“on the fairgrounds in Neumünster, NordBau shows, after all, the largest machinery display of the year in Germany. Large and compact traditional construction machines are shown, with a variety of attachments as well as a large range of technology for the communal field, reflecting a high technological level.

Once again, the center of attention is held by the field of engine technology, as the ever tightening emissions legislation has generated in the past years a variety of innovations in this field and the one of the emissions aftertreatment. The goal is to further reduce emissions and to increase sustainability though modern engine technology. But it is not only about rather high tech machinery, it is also about a functional unit between man and the machinery, as well as their interfaces. The comfort factor is considered an important factor for productivity and safety in the daily work process. The construction machinery and equipment exhibitors at NordBau therefore place this year, in addition to the innovations and the performance aspect, also the product ergonomics into the focus of their presentation.

Adjoint Congress Programm

With 38 training and information events, the construction industry associations, institutions and ministries, use NordBau as a platform for seminaries and members meetings.
Among other things, during four days, the ninth edition of the „Norddeutsche Kanalsanierungstage“ („Northern German sewer rehabilitation days“) will take place, lead by professional associations.

On Saturday of the fair, the members of the German Association of Architects and Builders of the five northern German Lands, will get together under the theme “energy policy, meeting the climate change”. Apprentices’ graduation ceremonies and crafts meetings will complement the events.


Source: Nordbau News Room