nordbau german bulding show
nordbau german bulding show

The 60th Nordbau – Celebrating past and future of Germany’s building trade

Germany has one of the world’s leading industrial economies and a very high level of infrastructure, so as you can imagine there’s a large and busy construction sector. Germany also manufactures a huge amount of world-class plant, hand tools and advanced materials. That means a construction expo in Germany is bound to have a lot to offer, and Nordbau is an excellent example of that.
In fact Nordbau is one of the longest-running building industry events, dating back to 1956 – this year’s will be the 60th anniversary. Since the first show it’s grown into northern Germany’s largest expo of its kind, bringing an amazing array of construction stakeholders together for what’s always a very productive gathering. With around 900 exhibitors expected from 15 countries there will be an enormous range of products and services on display, covering every sector of the industry. Nordbau has a reputation as a trend-setting event, and many German companies make it the showcase for their latest designs. With 20,000m2 of indoor exhibition space and over three times that outside there’s no shortage of opportunities to demonstrate their expertise.
Of course a huge part of the value in events like Nordbau is the chance to meet other industry professionals, local governments and potential clients. With 75,000 visitors predicted there are a lot of networking opportunities here, and if you’re looking at doing business in Germany – or anywhere else in Europe – this is one gathering you shouldn’t miss.
Most of the leading industry expos now have a programme of seminars, workshops and other events laid on, and Nordbau is no exception. The extensive list of planned discussions and talks covers everything from management of road construction to personalised home designs, as well as careers sessions – Nordbau also encourages students to visit, with the aim of fostering an interest in the industry.
Nordbau 2015 will be running from 9-13 September at Neumünster’s Holstenhallen. This thoroughly modernised venue is a great exhibit of Germany’s building industry in its own right, and it’s also perfect for an event like Nordbau. The on-site facilities offer everything you need, and it’s within easy reach of the attractive town itself. The venue is easily reached from Hamburg-Fuhlsbüttel airport or by car via the A7 autobahn, and there’s a good selection of hotels and restaurants nearby. Tickets for Nordbau can be purchased at the gate and cost from €10 for a day ticket.