The construction industry’s current main topics and extensive further education courses: The 61st NordBau provides comprehensive information for all construction experts

Neumünster: Annual meetings, forums and expert discussions. In addition to two special events about the current construction topics and a large exhibition of all the latest con-struction machines and equipment, the NordBau in Neumünster (7th to 11th September 2016) is regarded as northern Europe’s meeting place for construction professionals. The exhibitors meet the demands this year with a particularly wide range of construction areas and topics.
The digitisation of construction machines is progressing. At the same time, the requirements for efficiency and safety are higher than ever before. The NordBau exhibition shows all developers the innovation of equipment. “More and more sophisticated technology and more stringent safety regulations raise many questions for site managers and foremen. We are pleased that the German Accident Insurance Institution for the public sector in Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg Unfallkasse Nord, the German Social Accident Insurance Institution for the building trade Berufsgenossenschaft Bau together with the Association of the Building Industry, Environmental and Machine Engineering Verband der Baubranche, Umwelt- und Maschinentechnik e.V. VDBUM will present various solutions in the form of specialised technical lectures and training courses,” explained the CEO of Holstenhallen Neumünster GmbH Dirk Iwersen.
Another special show is based on the UNESCO World Heritage “Speicherstadt Hamburg” building brick. According to the motto “Clinker Bricks – Facing Bricks – Bricks”, the NordBau, Germany’s largest platform for brick and clinker, shows all architects, planners, housing associ-ations and property owners the latest shapes and colours in brick construction and facade.
During the fair, the Forum for Municipal and Environmental technology will inform towns and cities about effective work processes on the construction site. The focus here is aimed at costs and financing of equipment. Parallel to this, the 13th North German Sewer Renovation Days will take place. Many organizations will once more use the show for their annual meeting: architects, engineers, concrete engineers, treasurers, waste management associations, the Demolition Association and the construction industry associations are all in attendance.
A meeting point of the NordBau 2016 is road construction. Information on current infrastructure projects will be provided by Road Construction and Transport of Schleswig-Holstein with their “meeting point”. The Schleswig-Holstein state government is also interested in this topic. The Ministry of Economy and the Chamber of Architects and Engineers of Schleswig-Holstein will provide a forum for “Planning Acceleration”. The Investment Bank Schleswig-Holstein focuses on the infrastructure in relation to tourism.
Education and training have always been of great importance to the NordBau. Annually, there are over 4,000 conference participants attending 40 events. Two- thirds of them are recognized as an official training by the Chamber of Architects and Engineers. The NordBau once more meets this demand with a wide offer. Since 2012, the fair targets the trainees. The event “Fasci-nation Construction trades” presents the many varied job prospects in the sector this year. The training centre of the building industry association will provide demonstrations of day-to- day insights of construction. With respect to the nordjob-Construction Information day, building, crafts, and industry associations, as well as the ift-Institute for talent development, expect about 1,000 young people. The special attention to the youth is great in times of many vacant appren-ticeships and skill shortages.
The Forum “Consulting – Guiding – Supporting” from the Working Group for modern Construc-tion, the Investitionsbank Schleswig-Holstein, and the Consumer Rights Schleswig-Holstein will provide information about house construction. A particular highlight of the NordBau 2016 is the training of the Central Association of the German Building Industry national team. The craftsmen are preparing themselves in Neumünster for the EuroSkills European Championships (December 1- 3, 2016) in Goteborg. The up and coming craft traders will also get in on the action: The youth of the painting and varnishing craft Schleswig-Holstein will compete in the annual performance competition.
“The attractive mix of information, exchange and training at an international level make the NordBau unique. In keeping with our credo, “we speak to each other here”, the direct exchange with trade visitors is of utmost importance for our exhibitors. Together, we will once more go all out to meet this demand in the 61st year,” says Exhibition Director Wolfgerd Jansch.
Background NordBau Neumünster
On approximately 69,000 m2 of outdoor area and over 20,000 m2 of hall space, Northern Europe’s compact exhibition for construction offers approximately 850 exhibition spaces every year to present the entire spectrum of construction with modern building materials and components, powerful machines, municipal machines and attachments for construction and trade as well as the latest energy technology. The NordBau is at home in Neumünster since 1955 and cooperates with the partner country Denmark for over 40 years. Over 60,000 visitors visit the exhibition every year.