The Green Development in China’s Aggregate Industry

AggregatesChinaWith the advantages of large demand, long industrial chain, high added value and great development potential, aggregates are the third biggest demanded natural resources besides air and water without substitute for them in modern civilization.
At present, the global annual production of aggregates is about 40 billion tons among which China accounts for nearly 50%! However, the excessive exploitation of aggregates has a devastating influence on environment. Therefore, it is urgent to achieve the harmonious and win-win situation between the high quality development of aggregates industry and the protection for ecological environment.
In order to protect the resources and environment, China government has closed down large groups of backward aggregates enterprises. There are 17,000 aggregate enterprises and more than 300 automatic and large scale aggregate mines built in China. Chinese crushers and screens have been developed in the long term with the increasing amounts of mechanism sand. Most importantly, there are more than 3000 sand and gravel aggregates equipment enterprises manufacturing the variety of series products and providing system-wide solutions with the advanced international level equipment.
According to Hu Youyi, the president of China Aggregates Association, China government pays high attention to and actively promotes the green development of sand and gravel aggregate industry. All mines, no matter being built or not, must be built strictly under the standard released by the Ministry of Natural Resources of the People’s Republic of China recently. The Chinese aggregate enterprises generally attach importance to environment protection. For example, they install the equipment of dust collection and noise-reduction; dispose and recycle waste water; and utilize the byproduct mountain flour comprehensively, achieving green production and transportation.
At the same time, China’s aggregate industry has a great progress in the aspects of informatization and industrialization, achieving the online monitoring of production, equipment, safety and environment. China’s sand and gravel aggregate industry has entered into a 4.0 era which is integrated by mine repair + mixed mode and new building materials, such as green mining, processing, transportation, mortar and concrete mixing stations, comprehensive utilization of solid waste, bricks, PC components, etc.
Hu also claimed that China will continuously promote and establish the regulations of aggregate products; encourage and guide the companies to develop green technologies and products; and establish the green development evaluation system of the sand and aggregate industry. All in all, environmental-friendly aggregate industry is strongly supported by Chinese government.
On the other hand, with the rapid urban development and upgrading of developed countries’ infrastructure, the demand of sand and gravel aggregates will soar steadily. In a word, it is necessary to find out a new mode solving contradiction between aggregates’ production and ecological protection.
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Source: By Aggregates China Committee