UTICAM 2013 – The largest fair for construction machinery and construction trucks in Romania opens in March

The second edition of UTICAM, international fair of machinery and trucks for the construction industry, will take place from 27 – 31 march, at Romaero Baneasa, Bucharest. The fair will cover a 25.000 m² surface and will exhibit, over 5 days, construction machinery, advanced technologies, high-tech trucks and special offers, valid only for the duration of the fair.
The event, this year at its second edition, aims to rise above last year’s success, when the most important machinery distributors in Romania showed their releases. Therefore, the event opens towards Europe and becomes international; exhibitors from Spain and Greece have already shown their interest in participating.
In the sector of construction machinery and trucks, the fair is a premiere in Romania. So far no other event dedicated to construction machinery and trucks has spread out on such a large surface. Over 50 exhibitors are expected to showcase for the public approximately 400 models of construction machines and trucks. More than 70% of the machines on display at UTICAM are new releases, and the event would be the first opportunity for the public to admire them.
“A year ago we started on the way to create a unique fair in Romania, specialized in construction machinery and trucks. We managed to get together the most important distributors of machinery and trucks. The success of the event – 45 exhibitors, over 200 items on display and more than 3000 visitors during the 5 days of the fair- have determined us to turn it into an annual happening”, as by Bogdan Craiciu, manager Uticam.
During the 5 days of Uticam the exhibitors will perform demonstrations with the machinery and will introduce in workshops the newest releases on the market.
The workshop schedule will be available as with March. For more event related information please visit www.uticam.ro or contact the organizers.
Contact details Carmen Nechita, PR manager Uticam, [email protected] or telephone, 0040 720 534 084.
The event takes place with support of ADUS, the association of construction machinery distributors.
Partners: Hotel Caro, 100% Construct, Agenda Constructiilor, Bursa Constructiilor, Cargo&Bus, Info Constructii, InfoConstruct, Masini si Utilaje
RB Transport, Revista Constructiilor, Smart Worker, Transporter, Tranzit
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