UzComak 2012

4th Uzbekistan International Exhibition on Road Building & Construction equipment UzComak 2012

15-17 May 2012, Tashkent, Uzbekistan

UzComak 2012 – Your way to success in Central Asia!

UzComak 2012 is the only specialised exhibition in Uzbekistan for industrial construction, road-building equipment and municipal machinery.
Every year, UzComak attracts more and more leading international and local companies engaged in the construction of manufacturing facilities, housing and public utilities, and road construction. The exhibitors include suppliers of material handling equipment and road construction equipment; manufacturers of equipment for producing concrete and asphalt; producers of concrete, dry mixes and reinforced concrete products; and manufacturers and suppliers of municipal equipment.
UzComak 2012 will give you a unique opportunity to meet industry professionals from all over Central Asia.
UzComak 2012 will be held within the Central Asian International Industrial Week.
Brief overview of the market
– In January-March 2011, the volume of utilised investments in fixed capital in Uzbekistan totalled $1.97 billion, including $43.6 million (7.4% of the total) in the construction of educational facilities, and $28.1 million (4.8%) in municipal construction from the total investment utilised in the non-manufacturing sphere.
– 13,100 buildings or 13,300 flats, with a total area of 1.642 million square metres, including 1.243 million square metres totalling $904.3 million in rural areas, were built and put into operation.
– Of the total volume of construction work, new construction, reconstruction, expansion and modernisation of businesses accounted for 81%, repair and maintenance for 15.8%, and other contract work for 3.1%.
– There are six cement plants currently operating in Uzbekistan, with a total capacity of about 7 million tonnes. At present, the biggest cement manufacturers are: JSC Kyzylkumcement (3.1 million tonnes), JSC Akhangarancement (1.74 million tones) and JSC Kuvasaicement (920,000 tonnes). Cement businesses account for 72% of commercial output in Uzbekistan’s construction industry.
– Modernisation has begun of the production line at JSC Akhangarancement, which will increase the service life of equipment and improve product quality. The project will be finished by 2013.
– One major project is the construction of a cement plant in the Republic of Karakalpakstan, the Uzbek-American joint venture Rakhnamo-Noor, which began in 2009. Completion is scheduled for 2013. The cost of the project is estimated at $128 million, of which $79 million is foreign investment.
– At JSC Kyzylkumcement, the cement million division is being modernised and two new cement mills are being established. The project will continue until 2013. The expected result is an increase in cement milling capacity of 1 million tonnes per year and an increase in high-grade cement production of 0.5 million tonnes per year. The cost of the project is estimated at 143.3 million dollars.
– Every year, Uzbekistan builds and reconstructs, on average, 220-270km of roads. Wide and straight roads, overpasses, bridges and modern transport hubs have been built and put into operation over the past few years to ensure road safety. Today, this is especially important due to increased traffic.
– The Board of Directors of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) has approved a $240 million loan to Uzbekistan to build a national highway, which will link the country with neighboring states. The loan has been issued within the multitranche financing facility “Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation Corridor 2 Road Investment Program”, which was approved by the ADB in April 2010.
The programme comprises three projects. The aim is to reconstruct over 220kms of the Guzar-Bukhara-Nukus-Beinau (A380) highway, and to provide training support for improved planning, project management, and road asset and communal facilities management.
The second tranche has been issued for 25 years, with a five year grace period. The funds will be used to reconstruct a 85km section part of the A380 highway (from 355km to 440km).
The A380 highway forms part of the Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation Program (CAREC) and one of its corridors, Corridor 2. This will connect Uzbekistan to Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan.
The upgrading of the highway into a four-lane international design-standard road, reconstruction of other sections, and improvement of road planning and management will shorten travel times, reduce transport costs, improve safety, and support growth and poverty reduction.
The ADB continues to support CAREC initiatives in Uzbekistan, having recently approved the allocation of $600 million to improve road and railway infrastructure, and $350 million to support energy security and efficiency.
– Another ADB-assisted road project being developed in Kazakhstan will connect the country with the A380 in Uzbekistan. Once the two highways are completed, they will give Uzbekistan and other Central Asian countries direct access to the Caspian Sea via Aktau, and eventually the Black Sea, via corridors due to built in Azerbaijan and Georgia.
– In March 2009, the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan approved an integrated programme of development and modernisation of the railway industry for 2009-2013. One of the main areas of the programme is the construction of new railways, railway electrification, and introduction of modern signalling and telecommunications.
– Uzbekistan Airways, the national airline of Uzbekistan, is planning to invest $148.5 million in the development of ground infrastructure in 2011-2015.
The company also plans to implement 13 projects, with a total cost of $179.1 million, as part of a programme to accelerate the development of infrastructure, transport and communications for 2011-2015.
In the total volume of attracted investment, the airline’s own resources amount to $68 million, loans from the Fund for the Reconstruction and Development of Uzbekistan total $52.5 million, foreign loans amount to $5.2 million, $22.8 million is from the state budget.
UzComak 2012 Exhibition Profile

Construction equipment and supplies
Construction equipment

  • Lifting equipment, cranes, carrier systems, tower and mobile cranes
  • Machinery and plants for cement production and transportation
  • Mobile and stationary asphalt plants
  • Equipment for the production of precast concrete
  • Equipment and moulds for the production of small concrete products
  • Equipment for processing dry mixes, plaster and expanded clay
  • Machines for concrete work
  • Construction steel
  • Concrete: heavy, light, cellular, particulate-reinforced, ferro-concrete
  • Fire-resistant materials with cement
  • Industrial chemicals and additives for concrete
  • Architectural concrete, fibrous concrete, ferro-concrete products for gardens and parks
  • Compressors, and hydraulic and pneumatic equipment
  • Measuring equipment and surveying instruments

Road-building equipment and technology

  • Road construction, earthmoving and quarry machinery
  • Equipment and materials for road maintenance and repair
  • Lifting equipment, cranes, and carrying equipment and systems
  • Motors and generators
  • Tunnelling machines
  • Track equipment
  • Spare parts and components for machinery and equipment
  • Rental and leasing of machinery and equipment
  • Design and construction of roads, bridges and tunnels
  • Traffic management systems: traffic signs, traffic lights and barrier fencing

Communal equipment

  • LED, fluorescent lights, automation and urban area management
  • Garden and park machinery (mini-tractors, lawn mowers, pruners, shredders, machines and mechanisms for lawn restoration, leaf gathering machines)
  • Snow ploughs, cleaning machinery, equipment and machines for dispersing reagents
  • Structures and arrangement of public transport stops
  • Equipment and technologies for collecting, transferring, processing and utilising different kinds of waste
  • Outdoor lighting (street, road, highway, bridge, park and architectural lighting)
  • Technologies for greening and maintaining green areas, and landscape design
  • Irrigation systems for the needs of the city

Dates and venue
15-17 May 2012
Uzexpocentre, Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Source:  ITE Uzbekistan New Room