VIATEC Road and Tunnel Construction Show in Bolzono, Italy 21- 23 February 2013

The Alpine location of this road and tunnel construction focused show is ideal for it. The focus is mainly on the reconditioning and maintenance of roads, tunnels and bridges that are at high altitude or in challenging geographic locations.
The previous show, held in 2011 saw 9,200 visitors and 183 exhibitors. About a third of the visitors came from further afield than the province of Bolzano in Italy.
The show draws decision makers for road and tunnel construction and maintenance, engineers, contractors and architects. They’ll be introduced to specialised construction methods and materials that are required for the more challenging infrastructure projects.
Products that you’ll find being exhibited include:

  • Specialised equipment for road, tunnel and bridge building and maintenance
  • Road measurement devices
  • Safety equipment and aids
  • Walking excavators” and other steep and rough terrain machinery

There will also be a symposium being held at the venue of the show, the Brenner Congress. The symposium will be looking at the construction of tunnels and the life cycle of them.
As an aside, the region is known for good gourmet food – so be sure to make the best of the opportunity by visiting the local restaurants.
You can find more information on the Viatech website and on our Viatech construction show information page.