Welcoming 2013, with the Northwestern Building Products expo from the 14-16th of January.

At a turning point, the construction industry is divided across the world, the Northwestern Building Products expo is a chance to bring these pieces together and build a community for three days to discuss and communicate an uncertain, spiderwebbed future of this industry.
The future is now in close proximity and renowned companies are prepared to talk about the prospects for now and for the future. The Northwestern Building Products Expo in St. Cloud, USA is the perfect opportunity for suppliers, traders and hobbyists to come together and envision where they believe the industry is heading. Hundreds of businesses from all over the world will come together for 3 days to discuss the growing state of the construction industry.
A floor plan of the expo is available online and can be viewed on a mobile device or printed for use during the expo. A list of exhibitors is also available online that can also be viewed or printed. There are many hotels nearby that can accommodate for short stays during the trade show such as the Best Western Kelly Inn and others such as the Le St Germain Suite Hotel. Traveling around the area is easy with access to the building being easily reachable by car. More information about the event is available on the event’s official webpage: www.nlassn.org/northwestern-expo.html