The 2018 International Conference On Sustainable Development and Green Building (ICSDGB)

The 2018 ICSDGB will be held in Xiamen University of Technology, China starting from 1st to 3rd March. This is an annual event that is being held for the second time in China and has come just about a year ICSDGB 2017 was held in Suzhou. The ICSDGB conference is organized by Asia Pacific Institute of Science and Engineering (APISE).
Sustainability is a global concept that is keeping everybody’s eyebrows raised. Our current resource exploration and consumption habits are not healthy hence a better framework that will ensure our current and future generations live harmoniously without undermining the earth’s capacity to provide for our existence is urgently needed. ICSDGB 2018 will provide an opportune platform from which lead researchers, academicians, top chief engineers and scientists from all the spheres of influence will showcase their technological advancements and research innovations in the field of sustainability.
Those in attendance will get the opportunity to interact with notable lead scientists and scholars from around the globe. Any author is also free to submit their new researchers and in the process contribute towards this theme by sharing key experiences and the possible way forwards on matters sustainable development and green building. Paper reviews will be done by at least 2 experts. Upon the elapse of the 20-30-day review period, all the papers consented to will get published on the conference proceedings and will be indexed by databases such as ISPEC, SCOPUS, Ei Compendex and NASA Astrophysics Data Systems among many other academic databases. All the papers selected will also get published in International Journals. The modes of presentations can either be oral or through a poster. Each oral presenter will be awarded 10 minutes and an extra 5 minutes for a Question and Answer session. Those opting for poster presentation will have to oblige to the 1 M by 0.8 M poster size.
Under sustainable development, the following topics will be discussed in detail: pollution and control, environmental impacts of technological advancements in biological, physical and chemical processes and biodiversity conservation just to mention a few. Emphasis will be on clean technologies that have low carbon footprint. Proper resource management is also another key issue in protecting our natural resource base from depletion and also protecting our ecosystem. Proper waste management, sustainable infrastructure, population control, poverty eradication, combating inequality, tackling climate change and providing access to clean water and sanitation are the pillars for the conference on sustainable development.
Green building on the other hand will attract any innovative solution or technological advancement that will ensure building architecture right from the design, construction, material used, maintenance, renovation and even demolition only utilize carbon free techniques and practices. Green building architectures should be affordable, energy efficient, have better waste reduction and management and have proper water conservation. More of these topics are well detailed on the ICSDGB website. This is just a glimpse of what this year’s ICDGB will be up to.