45th. Caribbean Hardware and Construction Trade Show

by Tony Pacheco
I give you the warmest welcome as host of the Caribbean Hardware & Construction Trade Show with Lawn and Garden Exhibits (CHCTS) which presents the most extensive and complete range of hardware, construction and gardening products in the Caribbean Islands. This will be our 45th CHCTS. We have more than four decades organizing the CHCTS and these years are highlighted by our recognized expertise and strong commitment to our exhibitors. Your presence among us confirms that we are an important partner in the hardware, construction and gardening industry on the island, managing to expand the Island’s inventory of materials and equipment in a direct relationship with recognized and innovative companies at both the local and international level.
Therefore, by exhibiting at the CHCTS demonstrates to your customers that you own a business setting capacity, which adds strength to your trademark and products. Most of you have exhibited with us in previous CHCTS, but by being part of us today, you claim that you can withstand in times of economic crisis, as the ones we have faced in previous years. This is one more reason for your products to become the focal point for new customers. Definitely, this will increase your competitiveness in the industry and furthermore will identify you as a reliable supplier. In other words “you become one of the industry’s leaders”. We work very hard for your business to have a global exposure and, in that order for you to have access to an extensive portfolio of business relationships that increases your profits, offers and product’s alternatives.

Last, but not least, your commitment as an exhibitor makes you an excellent host of the Caribbean Hardware & Construction Trade Show with Lawn and Garden Exhibits. By you being also a host, you contribute significantly to the success of all the investment that has been made with dedication and effort between your team and ours. Similarly, you are contributing to strengthen the economy of Puerto Rico by demonstrating that behind all good work, there must be a genuine involvement of companies. These companies not only are the leaders in the sales department, but are the ones who control and develop the guidelines for supply and demand among manufacturers, suppliers and buyers. The constant and active participation at the CHCTS is a strategy that ensures good dividends. It manages to establish continuity and some level of omnipresence difficult to ignore by those that are on the sidelines. Please bear in mind that you are an essential part of the cluster of industries whose products, services and equipment are the means to construct anywhere and anytime around the world. Thank you for allowing us to be the bridge that takes you toward the route of new alternatives for your business development!