Development of Changsha Construction Machinery industry

Construction Machinery industry has became one of the most competitive leading industries in Changsha and the first industrial cluster over trillion in Hunan Province. Due to the largest scale and highest efficiency, the output value of construction machinery industry accounted for 23% market shares in China and 7.2% in the world. Now, Changsha is the most important R&D and manufacturing base in China and abroad. With its fastest development, great creativity, largest market shares, high centralized human resource and highly internationalized zone, the construction machinery industry in Changsha has been the leading and prominent industry.
At present, Changsha has more than 30 equipment enterprises including SANNY, ZOOMLION, SUNWARD, CRCC, CHTC JOVE etc, and about 200 supporting companies, hired over 100,000 employees. There are 12 main production types including more than 100 subcategories and 400 specifications of construction machinery product. Concrete pump truck, crane, road roller, static pile driver and so on has a strong competitive advantage, occupied a large market share in home and abroad. In 2011, ZOOMLION,SANNY, had an annual sales revenue over 80 billion. It’s expected that the output value of Changsha construction machinery industry will exceed 300 billion RMB by 2015.
In Changsha, the development of construction machinery has pushed a growth in 16 affiliated industries. 70% of the purchased parts of Changsha are not provided by local suppliers. Especially, nearly all the diesel motor, transmission, hydraulic parts, automotive air conditioner, SPV chassis, high strength steel, special welding wire, electric motor and wear resistant material come from other provinces and even abroad, over 60% of the key parts are imported. It is estimated that the total purchase of parts and components in Changsha will be over 300 billion RMB in the coming 3 years. There is no doubt that Changsha is the largest target market for construction machinery parts and components. So any company engaged in this field has no reason to miss this hot cake.
Source: PCECE News Room