5 days remain to Bulgaria Building Week

Among the exhibitors are companies from Bulgaria, Austria, Belgium, Romania, Germany, Greece, Poland, Serbia, Turkey and Ukraine
Sofia Municipality is going to present at Bulgaria Building Week some of the projects where it acts in the capacity of a contracting authority . They will be focusing on energy efficient , functional and ecological construction . There will also be presented the principal document – IPURD ( integrated plan for urban regeneration and development ) , which outlines the strategic priorities and objectives for sustainable development of Sofia, applying the principles of integrated planning . Visitors and participants in the forum may review projects under the municipal programs for sanitation and energy renovation of the buildings stock in Sofia, projects for expansion and construction of new childcare facilities within Sofia Municipality ,a project for a multifunctional sports hall , projects for reconstruction of market centres, as well as projects related to innovative technologies – geothermal power station and small hydropower stations, and Sofia Tech Park.
There are just 6 days remaining until the launch of the 14th edition of Bulgarian Building Week , which stars with the Buildingreen 2014 national conference on energy efficiency and sustainable construction on 19 March 2014 at Inter Expo Center – Sofia. There will be presented the new horizons and challenges in the planning, construction and renovation of buildings in accordance with Directive 2010/31/EU. Leading designers and business representatives will demonstrate current projects and technology solutions for building energy efficient and ” nearly net zero energy ” buildings. Buildingreen 2014 is organized by City Media Group, in partnership with Inter Expo Centre, OPRD , NAMRB, BACIW, CEIP, CAB , BGBC, and EnEffect .
The Bilateral Bulgarian – Romanian Chamber of Commerce (BCCBR), which supports and promotes trading and business between companies in Romania and Bulgaria will present at its booth the Romanian companies Elpreco SA and Celco. The main products offered by Elpreco SA are concrete roof tiles , concrete systems that include paving , flags , curbs, gutters and flower pots . Celco products meet EU production standards and are continuously optimized with the ultimate aim of achieving greater energy efficiency in construction. Celco AAC will present STANDARD for frame structures , STRUCTOTERM for supporting structures , SuperBlock for interior and exterior walls with higher resistance , MEGATERM for insulation and AAC lintels .
The focus of Day 2 of the specialized exhibition will be the discussion forum entitled ” Let’s make a wake-up call for construction business “.The specialized exhibition for energy efficient , ecological and functional construction provides unique opportunities for implementing b2b meetings with professionals in the construction industry of Bulgaria and the countries from Southeast Europe. The forum will be held in parallel with Sofia Logexpo and Security Expo exhibitions, thereby attracting greater visitor interest and increasing the effect both for business participants and exhibitors.
Source: Bulgarian Building Week