58. NordBau: Construction fair with ongoing construction site

Neumünster. – The 58th NordBau (12.09.-17.09.2013) in Neumünster this year offers a construction site on the construction fair, with no restrictions for exhibitors and visitors. Despite modernization works on the Holstenhallen, same outdoor (69.000 m²) and indoor (20.000 m²) areas as last year will be occupied.
„NordBau expects this year again 60000 to 70000 domestic and foreign visitors, as well as about 900 exhibitors. The running construction works on Northern Europe’s largest compact trade fair for constructions will not affect the course of the events”, emphasized Dirk Iwersen, CEO of Holstenhallen in Neumünster. On the contrary, exhibitors and visitors will be introduced during the fair to the first elements of an architectural ensemble, integrating partially protected building elements and modern materials, combining for the sake of user efficiency, climate protection and well-being. “Themes, having determined for years all aspects of performance at the specialized constructions fair in Neumünster, are being reflected within our new building”, says Iwersen.
The Credo of NordBau remains, for this year as well, to communicate, to establish contacts and initiate business in the good old, quiet north German style. The fair sees in it a token of quality, not only attracting more exhibitors and visitors from Germany, but arousing interest for NordBau also in Scandinavia, the Baltic and other regions. Iwersen: “”This is particularly evident with the example of Denmark, the partner country of the fair. Thus, the Danish Ambassador to Germany, Per Poulsen-Hansen, will discuss already at the opening ceremony, among other topics, the development of a future, joint, North European transport infrastructure.” This should be a highly ardent topic for Germany, mostly in the context of the current discussions on major construction sites.
Iwersen expects visitors of the north German specialized fair to well receive this years’ theme „Build safe – live safe“. Thereby, aside proper site security, work safety and fire protection play an important role. Also protection of ones own home against burglary belongs here. Specialized craftsmen show that property security belongs to modern living. Specialist of the Regional Police Office and expert professionals of “Qualitätsgemeinschaft Sicherungstechnik Nord” will show, to the ones interested, options of how break-ins can be avoided”, points out Iwersen. The timeliness and importance of this issue were underlined since this year the number of burglaries has increased, and not only in Schleswig-Holstein.
Iwersen sees in this exhibition focal point a logical continuation of the topic “healthy building”, that set the pace last year. The exhibition also focuses on the great interest, not only for construction workers, engineers and architects, but also for housing corporations, municipalities and homeowners. Partner of the specialized show “Build safe – Live safe” is the Association Haus & Grund, with its 64.000 members in Schleswig-Holstein.
On the outdoors exhibition area visitors are welcomed by a display of construction machinery and equipment that have come onto the market during this year. The most various techniques, such as based on hydraulic hybrid gears, especially clean and efficient combustions or load-dependant controls of engine ventilation and cooling, are only some variants of the producers, meaning energy efficiency and fuels savings for the user. Moreover, the unity of man and machine is increasingly important in developing new technologies, for a successful construction process. Best possible machine performance, in demanding construction tasks, may be reached only if the operator feels comfortable and benefits of suitable work ergonomics.
„Work safety in transition“is a training event of the professional association „Bau“ in Hamburg, the conference “Anti-burglary protection”, in cooperation with “Sicherungstechnik Nord” and the Regional Police Office, the “Expert Forum Innovative Insulation” of the work community for modern building and the Neumünster Fire Protection Symposium of the Interior Ministry, are only some of the concomitant and well attended seminars on the topic of safety. Many accessory conferences are acknowledged as official training sessions by the Chamber of Architects and Engineers.

Source: Nordbau