Attractive conversion – Flair for the NordBau fair remains

Neumünster. – The Northern Europe’s largest compact construction trade fair will take place this year from Wednesday to Sunday. The 59th NordBau in Neumünster is thus exhibiting from 10 – 14.09.2014.
The demand for exhibition space every year is still great as ever. Most of the available exhibition halls and the outdoor areas are de facto fully booked since the beginning of the year.
The traditional fair is not only characterized by ever-growing land, but rings through high quality standards on taking good care of the exhibitors and visitors over the years. Wolfgerd Jansch, the fair cordinator said: “If it is too tight, the flair for the NordBau fair remains: Here, we meet and talk to each other. A claim that visitors, exhibitors and professionals have appreciated for many years.”
Due to the attractiveness of the new Forums building between Hall 1 and Halls 3 and 4, a part of the symposia will take place on there respective gallery. The full extent of the years’ demanding event programme for the new trade fair days was allocated in accordance with the wishes of the associations, confirmed Jansch. Roughly 4000 participants are expected. Two-thirds of the approximately 40 seminars are recognized by the Chambers of Architects and Engineers as official training sessions.
On the open-air site, a large exhibition of machinery across all construction areas will be on display. The extraction and municipal technology will be represented by some new developments and advancements. This year again, Neumünster will be the only trade fair location in Germany, which shows the whole range of machinery. The attachments this time are are particularly focused on actions. But, the extensive services offered by the manufacturers and retailers of construction machinery will also be a highlight for the 2014 NordBau fair.
The trend theme of the NordBau fair for this year will be the Attic Conversion. How energetic renovation of older buildings and additional living space can be created under the roof will be demonstrated. In large cities, this could benefit all people, with the desire to live in the city centre and in the vicinity of the workplace, as well as students for which it is increasingly difficult to find affordable housing.
Rising construction prices, technical innovations and a modified housing consciousness led to the knowledge that the roof space can be exploited economically for many homeowners. Additional rooms or even complete apartments under the roof now have a special charm which offers a high level of comfort. “This top topic ‘Living on the roofs of the city’ on the 2014 NordBau fair is the logical continuation of the trends of recent years such as ‘Feel-good houses’ ‘Healthy building’ or ‘ Building in Safety – dwell safely ‘.” The existing buildings that are on the increase especially in metropolitan areas such as Hamburg or Copenhagen will determine these issues in the present and the near future, “stressed Jansch.
“Construction trades fascination” has become a usual tradition for the annual action. During the fair in 2012 and 2013 yearly over 1,400 students from 26 schools in northern Germany came to visit the Knowledge Exchange on the grounds of Holstenhalle in Neumünster. Again this year, they are aware of training opportunities related to building. But not only their thirst for knowledge will be satisfied. In addition to numerous promotions and practical demonstrations, the young people will also be assured of the certainty in their journey, that the prospects are excellent in the construction industry today and in the future.
The industry platform between Hamburg and Kiel offers over 900 exhibitors each year, a roughly 69,000 m² outdoor area and over 20,000 m² Hall space, for presentation of a full range of construction work with modern building materials and components, high-performance construction machinery, municipal equipment and vehicles for construction and crafts as well as the latest energy technology.
Source:  Nordbau