Cross-Laminated Timber Panels at Bulgarian Building Week 2014

Suitable for private residential buildings, multi-storey residential buildings, agricultural buildings, bridges, public buildings, office and commercial buildings, as well as for constructing deck-houses, the cross- wood panels are known for their distinguished thermal and acoustic performance, excellent fire behavior, high seismic resistance and high structural strength. The Association “Union of Bulgarian manufacturers of prefabricated houses“ will present at its booth during Bulgarian Building Week the first and only Bulgarian company to have started the production of cross- laminated timber panels ( CLT ).
The specialized exhibition for energy efficient, ecological and functional construction will take place from 19 to 22 March at Inter Expo Center – Sofia. A platform for presentation of premiere products and services for Bulgarian and regional market, it has established itself as one of the most representative exhibitions in construction , offering the possibility of both well-recognized and new companies from over 30 sectors in the industry to offer their topical solutions.
Visitors to the specialized exhibition will learn about the specifics in the design and building of green roofs and green walls – a challenge in landscape design and construction. Green roofs are lightweight and can be either extensive (with limited access) and gardens with intensive access. Building green walls brings a strong emotional impact in interior space.
Experts in infrastructure planning will be interested in the corrugated steel thin-walled structures. Widely used for various types of equipment – for culverts, irrigation channels, bridges and railway underpasses and overpasses, the innovative technology offers elegant and flexible solutions.
UniCredit Bulbank is the official partner of the Bulgaria Building Week 2014. Depending on the activities, the markets and its life cycle, each company increasingly requires integrated financing, payment and bank loan services that can improve its competitiveness. During the specialized exhibition, the experts of UniCredit Bulbank will be available to provide specific solutions to any business demand .
Source: Bulgaria Building Week