AUSA Presents its New Products to the Press With Great Success at SMOPYC 2011

ON April 6th last, AUSA gave a presentation to the Spanish and International press at the Zaragoza Trade Fair Center to mark the company’s participation at SMOPYC 2011. Key aspects of the company were outlined and there was also a first-hand opportunity to see the new products presented by AUSA at the fair. The event enjoyed great success, particularly from the international press perspective, which serves to confirm AUSA’s current trend of expansion.

Stand Ausa
A total of 29 journalists attended the AUSA presentation on the second day of SMOPYC 2011. 12 were from the Spanish press, and the remaining 17 from the United Kingdom, France, Italy, the United States, Brazil, Argentina, Portugal, Rumania and Singapore. In the words of AUSA Sales Director, Josep Soler, “our aim is to achieve more fluid communication with the media so that they can better reflect what we are capable of offering to our clients”.

The press was divided into two groups, Spanish and International, and the presentation took place in both Spanish and English. The Spanish journalists first viewed the latest machinery before going on to listen to the corporate presentation, while the International press attended the presentation first and then went on to view the new machines.
The international presence was promoted by AUSA, who carried out a number of actions parallel to the fair, including inbound trade missions, specialised seminars, e-marketing activities…As Josep Soler points out, “the numbers tell us that the majority of visitors, 80.4%, were from Spain, yet 70% of orders generated at the fair were from abroad”.
AUSA, international and domestic strategies
At the presentation, Manuel Perramón, President of AUSA, spoke of matters such as the new product ranges, the importance of the transition from one generation to the next in family businesses and his recent appointment as President of the Board of Directors.
Manuel Perramón, President of AUSA
Subsequent to the speech of the President, Juan A. Aixendri, Chief Executive Officer of AUSA, focused on the 2011-2016 Strategic Plan, the position of the company in the global market, company strategy, and the Industrial Range and Urban Range product lines. Some basic corporate objectives were outlined: continue to lead the market with the Urban Range, anticipating that this will account for 30% of total revenue and 75% of export revenue in 2016; to consolidate the market presence of some models from the Industrial Range, especially the new Taurulift range (T133H, T144H, T204H, T235H, T276H, T306H, T307H); continuing to expand international sales (AUSA is currently present in 80 countries); seeking to enter into markets in certain pre-selected countries and sizing the business in a realistic and sustainable manner.
Juan A. Aixendri, Chief Executive Officer of AUSA
In relation to the situation in Spain, Domingo Bárbaro, AUSA’s National Sales Director, gave the final presentation of the session and examined interesting questions such as the strategy for Spain and the status of the domestic market. He underlined the need to maintain market share and to continue leading the domestic market in dumpers and all-terrain forklifts. He also emphasised the significance of completing the compact telescopic range and the Urban Range with the B 200 street sweeper and the electric Task vehicle. In addition, he outlined a number of company objectives: the reorganisation of sales areas; innovative post-sales projects (new warehousing systems, etc.); and online positioning.
Domingo Bárbaro, AUSA’s National Sales Director
Presentation of the new machines to the press
Rafael Guevara, Industrial Director of AUSA, presented AUSA’s machines to the press. These included the dumpers, the X 1100 RH concrete mixer and the two new Taurulift, T 144 H and T 307 H models that complete the current range. Referring to the two new models launched, Josep Soler pointed out that AUSA was one of the few companies to present two new models at the fair and emphasised that “this is yet another indication of our faith in the domestic market; our dealers appreciate the fact that we chose SMOPYC for the presentation of these machines”.
Rafael Guevara, Industrial Director of AUSA
Albert Hidalgo, Director of the AUSA Urban Range, presented a number of models including the B 400 H, B 200 H and BD 202 HL street sweepers, in addition to the new M 50 EV electric vehicle.
Albert Hidalgo, Director of the AUSA Urban Range
The dumper range at SMOPYC 2011 was characterised by a larger proportion of articulated models, such as the D 150 AHG, D 350 AHG and D 600 APG. Rigid-chassis models on view included the D 150 RM and the D 201 RHGS. All these models graced the fair with their guarantee of performance linked to robustness. Another highlight was the X 1100 RH self-loading concrete mixer with a mixing capacity of 1,100 litres. This very stable model features a discharge height of 1,070 mm. Its manoeuvrability in tight spaces is particularly beneficial as is the 4×4 traction that enables it to negotiate gradients of up to 32%. The press also had the opportunity to view the T 144 H and T 307 H models, which received their Worldwide launch at the fair and complete the Taurulift range. The T 144 H is unique in that it is the most compact telescopic in the World. The two machines share the characteristics of the remaining models in the range in that they are multi-purpose, versatile (they can be fitted with different attachments), robust, compact, ergonomic machines with all-terrain capacity. They boast intuitive, user-friendly controls, excellent safety and easy maintenance, due to the accessibility of components.
The AUSA range of street sweepers comprises vehicles specially designed for urban duties. Each model has key characteristics in order to carry out such tasks: the B 400 H is silent, efficient and optimises fuel consumption; the B 200 H, which comes in four versions with different traction, offers great handling and has an extremely small turning circle; and the BD 202 HL is highly versatile, allowing the sweeping equipment to be substituted for a loading shovel or snow plough. Finally, visitors to the presentation viewed the M 50 EV electric vehicle, which thanks to its size and configuration can be used for multiple tasks. It offers great power and autonomy, has a load capacity of 570 kg, a top speed of 60 km/h and can negotiate gradients of up to 30%.
Positive appraisal
The AUSA management team is happy with the results of the fair because their objectives were achieved. These objectives included: the confirmation of market leadership, the ongoing trend of presenting new equipment, the tightening of bonds with the dealer network and the launching of products and ideas. All these goals were achieved at both national and international level.

AUSA directors are optimistic with respect to the next edition in 2014. “It will be an excellent platform to present additional machines and to continue working on AUSA’s core values”, says Josep Soler. In his view, SMOPYC should continue to strive to be a benchmark event, “both in Spain and in areas with a strong Spanish influence that show strong economic growth, with the aim of attracting potential clients and promoting the quality of Spain’s image at international level”.

Source: AUSA Press Room