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LECTURA-Guide Construction Machinery

Construction Machinery – the LECTURA guide with the longest tradition – has been released in a new outfit!
It brings 8 languages in one book: German, English, German, Italian, Spanish, French, Russian and Chinese! The guide provides not only technical data but all relevant data for a well-founded valuation of used machinery over the last 10 years – the online version and the CD ROM cover even the last 17 years.
28 different machinery categories – 170 manufacturers – 9.780 machine models – more than 80.000 prices!
It is very simple to do an individual valuation by considering the actual working hours, condition and the configuration of the particular equipment. The market Overview and value orientation for construction machinery, include list prices, technical specifications, dealers purchase and sales prices.
Our new option “The Offer Analysis” offers additionally an advanced European overview including statistics and tables.
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