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bauma 2019 – New Open Innovation Challenge online

  • Challenge to find alternative power supply for lifting gear
  • Submit innovative solutions by early January

The first Open Innovation project was organized at bauma 2016. Now, in mid November 2016, a new challenge is going online, this time with the aim of finding an alternative power supply for lifting gear. The solutions submitted by experts are handled anonymously and passed on directly to the issuer of the challenge. Prior registration is required, at:
Challenge brief
In the current challenge that has been commissioned through bauma Open Innovation, the brief is very wide-ranging: The company is looking for an alternative power supply that must be reliable, easy to set up and dismantle, and may not cost more than the technologies used so far. A particularly important aspect is that the solution must fulfill the requirements of the Machinery Directive and the EMC Directive. Data transfer must be secure and reliable.
The idea of Open Innovation
The Open Innovation project by bauma is based on the idea of taking the innovation issues faced by companies and translating them into “Challenges” to which the global and interdisciplinary community of experts then proposes solutions. The process is particularly well suited to technological challenges that a company cannot resolve using only its own resources. Especially as regards the highly complex innovation challenges faced in the construction machinery sector, this Open Innovation project is a good way for companies to tap into a very broad base of expert knowledge. Another advantage is the fast turnaround time, which can reduce development time.
Further information on bauma Open Innovation: