Biomass and Biogas – Potential and Evolution at ENREGENERGIA REGENERABILA®

Romania has a huge potential in terms of renewable energy production. One of the best options to produce energy given the availability of high quality organic material is biogas. The Romanian biogas market is growing and the perspectives set by the government makes cogeneration an attractive source if income for farmers, private investors, investment companies and energy groups is concerned. REECO, organizer of international trade fairs on renewable energy and energy efficiency all over Europe meets the expectations of both investors and consumers of renewable energy, with the fifth edition of ENREG ENERGIA REGENERABILA® the biggest trade fair on renewable energy in the border triangle Romania – Hungary – Serbia, between the 6th-8th of March 2013, at Expo Arad International.
Another important renewable energy source is wood biomass. The construction of one of the biggest biomass micro plants of Eastern Europe was started in Romania and will be completed by 2014. The micro plant from Bontida, Rascruci town from Cluj, that will cover an area of 22.000 square meters. For producing renewable energy the new plant will use annually 100.000 tons of wood biomass and derived (scrap wood for heating, sawdust, shrubs and others). The trade fair expects you with next themes: solar energy, biomass, wood energy, hydroenergy, geothermal energy, heat pumps and energy efficiency in construction and renovation. In parallel with the trade fair, national and international specialized conferences and side events will take place.
Thanks to the development that bioenergy has currently in Romania, one of the conference themes is biogas. On the 7th of March 2013, at Expo Arad International the 5th edition of the conference Biogas Production Technologies and their Importance for Sustainable Development will take place. During the conference there will be presentations on subjects such as: Biogas – Economic and Business Driver of the Future; UE Projects, Border Cooperation & International Markets; Research, Development and Practical Examples. The conference will be held by representatives of institutions and key persons with experience in this field: Attila Kovacs, Member of European Biogas Association; Tamas Gyulai, Dafka, Hungary; Dr. Eng. Teodor VINTILA, University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine of Banat Timisoara, Romania; Prof. Dr. Eng. Ioana Ionel, POLYTECHNIC University of Timisoara; Adrian Ghi, ICIA, Romania and others.
The 5th International Conference – Wood Energy in Romania, intends this year to focus on providing examples and viable solutions to implement sustainable energy production projects using biomass, by territorial administrative units in Romania. In the conference topics such as: Ways to purchase and introduce wood biomass on the market-technologies and alternative treatments for Romanian forests; financing small and medium power generation projects using biomass; Barriers in the use of biomass to produce energy: environment & current use of biomass (agriculture, wood processing industry! and others will be debated.
For the first time in parallel with ENREG the first edition of PV Platform Romania, No.1 meeting point in the euro region Dunare – Cris – Mures – Tisza, that will host the 2 days conference and workshop on the 6th-7th of March 2013: PV Platform Romania – Changes & Risks will take place.
The trade fair will host 100 exhibitors from 11 countries on 2 continents, that will present their products and services on a surface of 2500 m² and has the support of
partners such IPA, ROSHA and AREL.
Until now the event is being sponsored by 7 important companies from solar energy field: ET Solar, Hategan Low Office, IDEEMASUN, Meca Solar – Proinso, Producie Energie Verde, Rödl & Partner and Solanna Investment For more information about ENREG ENERGIA REG you can visit the trade fair’s website