Bonzer review for Xwatch from SmartTech customer MCD Developments

MCD Developments Civil Excavations (MCD Developments) engaged SmartTech Australia to install XWatch XW4 height and slew limiting systems on two of their excavators. Xwatch caught up with Malcolm De Wildt, Director of MCD Developments to have a chat about why he chose XWatch Safety Solutions and what his team has been able to achieve since utilising the XW4 System.

What problem(s) were you trying to solve by choosing to purchase the XWatch XW4 height and slew limiter?

I think “elimination” is really impossible to achieve but all we can do is get as close to the target as possible. Maximizing the use of our equipment, tools, and technology to protect assets, the public, and our employees is the main reason behind adding this system to our machines.

What made our product or service stand out from other options?

I have used other systems before and had many issues with how the system worked with the schematics of the machine. I’m no expert in hydraulics but the XWatch system looked to be fitted a lot better than others. I feel product reliability and efficiency are the biggest part of Earthmoving, machines cant make money parked up!

MCD Developments onsite working under powerlines utilizing the XW4 height limiting system. Photo Credit


What features sold you on buying the XWatch XW4?

The main obvious features being Height and Slew limitation were the features that moved me toward the x-­‐watch system and after investigating further what actually “sold” me on the product was how easy it was to use. This system doesn’t have too many flashy bits, it’s fairly basic in the way of setting what you need and that makes it more user-friendly and less chance of operator error causing service strikes.

What have you been able to achieve since using the Xwatch XW4 you weren’t previously able to achieve?

With having the 14.5 tonne and 22.5 tonne excavators now fitted we have been getting noticed within the construction safety sectors within Tier 1 companies and Major Road Projects throughout Victoria.

We have also achieved ZERO service strikes so far working for the last 6 months within the danger zone of overhead lines.



What has exceeded your expectations since working with us?

Working with Brendan and all the crew at SmartTech their technicians exceeded my expectations. I had machines getting dropped off and picked up all hours of the evening and even opened up the yard on Sundays! The quality of fitment and neat work in such a short turnaround was fantastic.

What’s the main reason you recommend our product or service?

Safety is everyone’s number 1 priority. I think every excavator working around live services should run a system like this and I would recommend this product because it works! Using technology and engineering to get closer to the target of Eliminating service strikes.

Source: X Watch Safety Solutions Press