Budma Fair – Higher Level of Construction

In the first week of February 2020, Poznań will become the international centre of the construction industry. Nearly 50,000 professionals, investors, trade representatives, general contractors, engineers and architects will come to the BUDMA International Construction and Architecture Fair – interesting news and ready to take on new business challenges. Nearly 1,000 exhibitors from over 30 countries will be waiting for them at the Poznań International Fair.
Individual building branches present at Budma will be presented in 8 pavilions. Most visitors will begin their tour from pavilions 3 and 3A, where there will be new products in the field of foundations, ceilings, walls and floors, as well as finishing materials, construction chemicals, as well as doors and floors. Here you can also talk about innovative ideas in the Start-up Zone. The window and door showroom (in pavilion 5) will be filled with new proposals for windows, screens, gates, fences, but also the latest solutions dedicated to these products – in the field of building automation and smart home systems. The roof salon (Hall 6) will be impressive, in which you will be able to admire the full range for the roofing industry, including the increasingly used ecological green roof solutions. The topic of prefabricated, energy-saving and passive construction will resound in pavilion 7, and issues related to building in harmony with nature will also be addressed as part of special events taking place during the fair. The latest solutions for the construction site – formwork, scaffolding, auxiliary equipment and tools can be tested in Hall 8A. There will also be ‘heavy motifs’, i.e. steel constructions, building halls and construction machines, thanks to the Intermasz and Infratec Fair that will be held at the same time.
Good assembly is the key!
You will be able to see, touch, check how new products and solutions dedicated to construction work at several hundred stands. Also, direct contact with producers and distributors is the first step to enter a higher level of business. Another is implementation, based on in-depth knowledge and continuous improvement of skills. Therefore, during the BUDMA Fair, we will have the opportunity to learn the correct techniques of assembling construction joinery in the next edition of MONTERIADA, which thanks to the new formula will be even more spectacular and accessible to professionals. We will also admire the struggles of the best young roofers, who will work hard to show their professionalism and efficiency on various types of roofs. They will fight for the title of Polish Champion, who will be the ticket to represent the country on the world stage. Parquet floors will also be fighting. In the zone of the Polish Parquet Layers Association, wood chips will fly to present the most difficult techniques, thanks to which the parquet floors will be created, delightful with complicated patterns, but also with a precision of workmanship. Construction advisors will also test their skills during the Golden Trowel tournament organized for high school students.
What about the construction market situation?
The day before the start of the fair – February 3, Build Economic Future Construction Forum will start once again, which is organized for leading manufacturers, investors, leaders in the construction industry, general contractors, representatives of public administration, as well as distributors of construction materials and machinery. This is a great place to discuss investments and prospects for the construction market in Poland. The content partner of the next edition of the forum is EY, whose experts will be the moderators of many debates. The thematic block on finance in construction promises to be interesting, which will be inaugurated by an outstanding economist prof.
Witold Orłowski, and in further talks the issues of planned legal and tax changes in this sector will be addressed. Participants will also consider housing needs in the context of social change and on the other hand the problems that the building has been struggling with for several years. The development priorities of infrastructure projects in 2020 will be the leading topic on the second day of the forum.
From General to specific
The presence of representatives of the entire construction sector in Poznań is an incredible opportunity to talk about the latest trends, development directions, as well as challenges of individual industries. During BUDMA, there will be a total of nearly one hundred thematic training, conferences and lectures dedicated to various professional groups. It is not enough to mention Distributor Day, Engineer Day, Urban Planner Day, because it is only part of the program. There are also architectural issues at the fair.
Friendly architecture
One of the most characteristic objects of the MTP grounds was reserved for architecture – the market spire. This is where the two-day D&A Design and Architecture Forum will be held, where we will meet with world-renowned architects as well as representatives of offices and architectural studios. In 2020, talks on architecture will take place in a broader sense – taking into account the social and ecological context, because outstanding sociologists, local government officials and social activists were invited to participate. A novelty in the D&A Forum will be workshops for architecture students.
At BUDMA, the architecture will also be explored thanks to the Architecture Budma Award Competition and the 1m / ARCH project. The ABA award will go to a designer whose talent, creativity, commitment and knowledge have contributed to the creation of an outstanding facility completed in Poland in 2017-2019. Whereas the 1m / ARCH presentation is a review of the latest achievements of architectural studios, which on an area of ​​1 m2, i.e. in a highly condensed way, display a showcase of their capabilities, which is also an invitation to business contact.
Attention pointed at gold.
Around 1,000 exhibitors will present themselves at BUDMA and the accompanying INTERMASZ, INFRATEC and KOMINKI Fairs, from shows, training, lectures to conferences and debates, so it’s worth planning your participation in the event precisely. The updated exhibitors’ catalogue and product news they submit are now available on the website www.budma.pl. From December 18, the winners of the MTP Gold Medal are presented, i.e. the latest, best-quality and technologically advanced products submitted by exhibitors to this prestigious competition, which definitely should be noted. It is also worth buying tickets online in advance, which are cheaper until the day of the start of the fair and will allow you to get to the fairground more efficiently. From 4 to 7 February 2020, despite the very middle of winter, Poznań will be hot.
Source: Budma Fair Press