Case launches Eco- and Operator-friendly Wheel Loaders at Intermat 2015

Paris, 20 April 2015
Case Construction Equipment launches at the Intermat 2015 show the new range of wheel loaders that generate less emissions in six months than a 1996 loader in a single day. The F Series features four owner friendly solutions unique to Case for quarrying, waste handling and contracting: the Hi-eSCR in-house technology, the rear mounted engine, the Proshift 5-speed transmission and the heavy duty cooling cube. In addition, Case customers will enjoy excellent visibility also after dark with their highly effective LED lighting and exceptional comfort for long working days.
Low emissions technology: Case keeps it simple and efficient with Hi-eSCR
The F Series complies with EU Stage IV / Tier 4 Final with the Hi-eSCR technology developed by FPT Industrial, Case’s sister company. It uses the well-proven SCR introduced by FPT on trucks in 2004 and on Case wheel loaders in 2011, and doesn’t require particulate filter or EGR valve. This unique design that only uses built-for-life-components is maintenance free and fuel efficient. With this system, fewer components are involved, engine oil is not compromised and since there is no need for a Diesel Particulate Filter or extra cooling the engine hood is more compact, providing better rear visibility. An additional advantage is the wheel loader’s safety near flammable materials, as the exhaust’s maximum temperature is 200°C lower than it would be with a DPF. This is particularly valuable when doing jobs such as handling materials in wood recycling centres, for example.
Heavy duty cooling cube delivers superior cooling efficiency and reliability
The unique design, with five radiators mounted to form a cube instead of overlapping ensures a constant flow of fresh, clean air from the sides and the top. This cube structure also provides easy access for effective cleaning.
Fuel savings and higher productivity with Proshift and rear mounted engine
Models up to 20 tons feature the high efficiency Proshift 5-speed transmission that enables the operator to take better advantage of the outstanding torque. The lock-up results in fuel savings of up to 2 litres per hour and faster cycles compared to conventional transmissions. Productivity of these models is further improved by the rear mounted engine, which results in a better weight distribution, increasing the bucket payload by up to 15% compared to other loaders of the same weight.
Highly effective LED lighting lengthens working days into the night
Effective lighting is a key requirement for customers, who need their wheel loaders to work in low light situations, for example during the winter months in northern countries when night falls early, or when they are running their units up to 3 shifts per day finishing well after dark. The new F Series offers a highly efficient lighting package with 6 LED lights providing a far-reaching spread of light – over 21,000 lumen of lighting power.
Premium seat for best-in-class comfort
Wheel loader operators work long hours on a fast and powerful machine, so comfort is a key concern. Case teamed up with top range seat experts Grammer for the F Series’ new Premium leather seat, which provides outstanding protection from repetitive shocks and vibrations. The low frequency absorber provides a smooth ride at all speeds, the fore and aft isolator ensures a comfortable ride on rough terrain, and the best-in-class active seat suspension with Electronic Automatic Weight Adjustment and Dynamic Dampening System delivers ultimate comfort. The adjustable armrests, extra-wide cushion, high and adjustable backrest, adjustable headrest and 80 mm height adjustment enables the operator to personalise the seat set-up to create the perfect working position.






Bucket Payload

4.3 t

5.4 t

7.1 t

9.1 t

Max Power

128 kW 

145 kW

190 kW

259 kW

 347 hp

172 hp

195 hp

255 hp

Max Torque

730N.m @1600 rpm

950 N.m @1300 rpm

1300 N.m @1300 rpm

1604 N.m @1100 rpm