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CASE showcases its product offering for the Road Building sector at Intermat 2018

CASE dozers and graders are centre stage in the brand’s Road Building display: they offer new technological solutions and low running costs, together with all the benefits coming from a Brand with one of the longest traditions in this segment.
Turin, 23 April 2018
CASE Construction Equipment is showcasing its comprehensive offering for the European road building industry, which perfectly matches the requirements of this sector. The focus of the display at Intermat will be on the CASE dozers and graders, which offer solutions that combine maximum productivity with competitive Total Cost of Ownership (TCO): from the CASE SiteControl machine control and the efficient and powerful FPT Industrial engine technologies, to the recently introduced LED lights package and auto-lubrication system
Powered by FPT Industrial engines
These machines are powered by the proven FPT Industrial engines and patented SCR after-treatment technology, with no Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) to reduce complexity, ensure low running costs and can be relied on to deliver maximum power and performance.
SiteControl: high precision operation
CASE enables customers to improve the performance of their machines with its 2D and 3D SiteControl blade precision systems, which it offers in partnership with Leica. With these systems, the operator can automate the machine’s blade height, ensuring accuracy up to mm level. CASE SiteControl delivers reliable, repeatable precision, so that the operator gets the job done right first time round. This results in time and fuel savings, reduced need for reworking and equipment wear and tear, while increasing productivity – and improving customer competitiveness.
C Series Graders: a tradition of leadership
CASE has led the way in the grader segment for over 80 years, and today offers two models specifically developed for the European market.
With their perfect weight distribution and size, the high-performance All Wheel Drive with perfect speed management, the Dual Power Curve with a higher power rating at high speed in 4th gear, and the exclusive multi-radius moldboard, the 836C and 856C deliver unbeatable productivity.
The C Series graders feature best-in-class moldboard control. The advanced Ergopower transmission with torque converter ensures smooth shifting for perfect controllability. The roller mounted encapsulated slewing ring ensures effortless moldboard rotation, providing a zero-friction engineering solution. All these features work together to deliver the highest degree of accuracy in the industry.

M-Series Dozers: designed for power and precision
The three models in the M-Series are engineered for high pushing power and grading precision. The turbocharged engine delivers high torque and drawbar pull. The efficient cooling system features a hydraulically actuated reversible fan, and is designed so that radiators are mounted with no overlap and each radiator receives fresh air. With its extremely high ATB threshold, the cooling package delivers a better performance in hot weather and requires no modifications to work in extreme conditions.
The hydrostatic transmission delivers drive to each track independently, so that it can continue to push at full power throughout the turn, resulting in total control for fine grading and slope work, and unbeatable productivity. In addition, it prevents jumps due to speed shifting, further enhancing fine grading accuracy. The proportional electrohydraulic joystick offers outstanding comfort and confidence on dozer control.
The ultra-life tracks with lubricated bushings and the new heavy-duty design of the full undercarriage lengthen the chain and undercarriage life by up to 40% in the toughest conditions. This results in significant benefits for the customer, in view of the fact that undercarriage and components wearing account for around 50% of maintenance costs. A choice of configurations enables the customer to choose the most productive set up to match their needs and deliver the best controllability.
The one-piece main frame achieves the best effort and load distribution across the frame, so that the machine is able to handle heavier loads. The new box section PAT frame design ensures great stability when working with the blade angled and higher pulling capability. The low torsion on the frame results in more precise blade controllability, especially in extreme conditions.