CECE PR 6 July Summit Key Visual
CECE PR 6 July Summit Key Visual

CECE-CEMA Summit puts disruptive technology in the spotlight

  • Conference will be held in Brussels on September 23 and 24, 2015
  • EU-policy makers and business leaders in dialogue
  • Conference focuses on “Smart Regulation for Smart Machines”

Digital technologies and new business models are transforming traditional value chains in the construction equipment industry. The implications this has for the whole sector and its people, companies, construction processes, for Europe as a manufacturing location, and for the design of suitable EU regulations will be discussed at the CECE CEMA Summit, held in Brussels on the 23rd and 24th September.
Construction machines are getting smarter with every generation, supporting what today is called “smart construction jobs”. In a networked world also construction machines, operations, services and people are connected. ‘Big data’ has made its way into the business: machines are talking to each other, the soil and other conditions on job sites can be surveyed with high-precision tools on operator seats, intelligent machine control equipment is able to automatically control blades or buckets, so that operators can perform high-precision work; construction data will be stored and can be used for other machine appliances. Machines are more and more getting tailored for a specific job and for a specific customer.
At the CECE-CEMA Summit, organised by the European construction and farming equipment trade associations, the industry will put these exciting developments in the public spotlight, and reflect on impact for the regulatory framework, which will have to keep up with the new realities. Will Europe be able to provide the right regulatory framework and the necessary incentives to support the investments companies are making in order to be at the forefront of innovation? The industry calls for a competition-fit framework to help master the transformation into the new, digitally driven world, integrating new developments and providing stability where it is needed. Industry panelists will discuss with politicians how EU regulators can support the ‘smart machine’ trend and establish the right framework to unleash the potential of machines’ manufacturers in Europe. The high-level policy event is held on September 23, 2015, in Concert Noble in Brussels and will be followed by the CECE information sessions Economic Forum and Technical Forum the following day.
Registration for the summit is open. For more information, please visit www.cece-cema-summit.eu
About CECE
CECE represents and promotes the European construction equipment industries towards the European Institutions. It is a network of 14 member associations in 13 countries. The industry consists of around 1200 companies and employs 130.000 persons directly, with the same number in sales and services. The industry had a turnover of 25 billion Euro from European production in 2014.