CMT’s 11th MiddleEast CemenTrade Summit
CMT’s 11th MiddleEast CemenTrade Summit

Dubai Welcomes Cement Producers to CMT’s 11th MiddleEast CemenTrade Summit on 4-5 October

On 4–5 October2016, Dubai will host CMT’s 11th MiddleEast CemenTrade delegates seeking insights into the GCC’s economic outlook, trade, export and new investments in the African market Dubai.
Even as falling oil prices have resulted in a sluggish construction sector, GCC’s steady population growth continues to bring about regional cement demand up surge and, along with it, new market opportunities for the industry. Likewise Africa’s need to feed its infrastructure too has drawn existing and new cement to this new market.
Themed “Identify New Opportunities & Sustain Market Share in Slow Economy”, the summit examines global challenges arising from an oversupply of cement in the market, implication so flow oil prices in MENA, and the future of sustainable concrete.
The summit starts with Mr.Imran Akram, CEO of IA Cement giving an overview of the Global Cement Outlook for 2016 and 2017. Discussions proceed on to sessions on Africa markets with Mr.Timothy Wambu, Head of Research at NIC Securities outlining EastAfrica’s Cement Outlook and Opportunities for Middle East Producers. Then Mr. Abut Ozsezikli, General Manager of Medcem Global (ErenGroup) reveals Cement & Clinker Investment Opportunities in West Africa.
Other key addresses at the summit are:
•Market outlook: UAE, Levant, Iran, Turkey, Pakistan, India
•GCC’s economic outlook and world energy status
•Impact of low oil prices and political turmoil in MENA
•Export and trade opportunities in the region with focus on North Africa
•New investments in West Africa and impact on regional supply/demand
•Potential of green concrete and its application in building Masdar City
•Nano cement technology and cementitious products outlook
•Fleet analysis and global trade developments in the freight market
Among other confirmed Panelists presenting at the summit include:
•Mr. Thanos Tsetsonis, Director, Regional Sector Research, Emirates NBD
•Mr. Simon Cox, Sr. Partner, Howe Robinson & Co.Ltd
•Mr. Irfan Amanullah, General Manager(F&C), Attock Cement Pakistan Ltd
•Mr. Shahin Dehnadi, Chairman of Board, Farasat Gostar Hoor
•Mr. David Campbell, Global Director of Business Development, Moscow IMET International
For more details, visit 11th MiddleEast CemenTrade Summit website or contact Ms. Grace at +6563469147 Centre for Management Technology