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Spotlight on India's Smart City Goals at the Big 5 Construct India 2016

Dubai, 19 Sep 2016 – How will smart buildings and smart cities change the way we live and work? How can construction professionals improve buildings’ efficiency and performance through integrated technologies? These and other questions will be answered at The Big 5 Construct India 2016 during the free-to-attend “Smart buildings to smart cities” and “Design insights to deliver smart cities in the developing world” CPD certified workshops, respectively on September 28 and 30.
Industry experts will unveil India’s urban development vision and the unprecedented business opportunities it offers at The Big 5 Construct India 2016, where exhibitors from India, Germany, Italy, Malaysia, Russia, Turkey, the UAE and the UK among others will display the latest and most innovative construction products. Organised by dmg events Middle East, Asia & Africa, the leading B2B tradeshow for the Indian building and construction community will take place from 28 to 30 September 2016 at the Bombay Exhibition Centre; entrance to the exhibition will be free.
“The Government has already allocated US$ 1.5 billion to begin the roll-out of the Smart Cities Mission, upgrading and renewing the urban infrastructures in 98 key Indian cities,” Manoj Datta, Chartered Architect and Urban Planner, and speaker at The Big 5 Construct India 2016 said. The first 20 cities which will be provided with uninterrupted power and water supplies, proper sanitation and public transport, were identified in the States of Gujarat, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Delhi.
Last June, on the first anniversary of the Smart City Mission that aims at creating 100 new smart cities by 2022, Prime Minister Modi also launched 83 new projects. These include plain slum rehabilitation and the efficient management of urban services such as water supply, sanitation, housing, waste management and urban mobility.
Local companies are already actively supporting India’s smart city goals. Rahul Nahar, founder of Indian developer Xrbia, announced a new project to build a hundred smart cities by 2030 providing sustainable housing at 18 locations across the country. Building new future-ready cities is the response to a growing and compelling demand: “It has been predicted that by 2030, our cities will be home to 800 million people. This means that 70% of India’s total population will live in cities”, Mr. Nahar explained.
“India’s major concern is its ever increasing population and the demand that comes with it”, Nidhi Gupta, Project Manager at EDS Global, confirms. According to Ms. Gupta, who will be presenting free workshops on smart cities, the life cycle cost analysis of buildings, and the WELL Building Rating System at The Big 5 Construct India 2016, India’s smart cities can become replicable models for other developing countries as well.
“In my viewpoint, there is no ‘one shoe fits all’ kind of a solution. Smart is not only better technology as perceived today. To be truly successful, smart cities must be design driven through active community participation that takes into consideration cultural diversity as well”, Ms. Gupta stated.
Residential Construction is expected to remain the largest contributor to the Indian Construction Industry. “There are ample emerging opportunities for both local and foreign investors in India: a KPMG study suggests in fact that a total of 110 million new homes will be built in both urban and rural areas by 2022”, Mr. Datta added.
According to event organiser dmg events Middle East, Asia & Africa, India’s construction activities are worth over $126bn, with billions in investment projected for the infrastructure sector in the future. “The Big 5 Construct India 2016 is set to capitalise on the increasing demand for construction products in the country, hosting over 300 brands from more than 15 countries across 10,500 sqm of space”, Event Director, Ashley Roberts said.
The fourth edition of The Big 5 Construct India is designed to meet the specific needs of India’s building and construction professionals, showcasing thousands of innovative international and local products. Visitors will be able to explore new technologies and end-to-end solutions that meet their project requirements and help them save money and time.
Mr. Roberts announced that, “This year, The Big 5 Construct India expanded its free educational offer through dozens of workshops, seminars and conferences. A two day Big 5 Conference, a half day seminar by Indian Institute of Architects, and 20+ CPD certified technical workshops will bring unprecedented value to all our attendees.”
The Big 5 Construct India 2016 is jointly organised by dmg events Middle East, Asia & Africa, and The Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) with the support of the Indian Ministry of Urban Development.
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