RTH 6.46SH
RTH 6.46SH

CONEXPO 2017 – Magni Launched new RTH 6.46SH!

Conexpo Fair was an opportunity for us to underline our presence on American market, one relatively new market for rotating telescopic handlers, but a market that has developed and expanded to a great extent over the last few years. The greatest innovation we launched at this fair is the brand new rotating model RTH 6.46SH. What is newest about his machine is the possibility to reach up to 46 m height, for sure the highest ever reached for a rotating telehandler, but also the possibility to have 6 ton of maximum lifting capacity is for sure an advantage that allows to handle big weights. This is for sure a very preforming machine because of the used materials and the optimization of the weights and dimension relatively to the incomparable performances. An example is the perforated boom that is lighter and improves lifting capability also on the long reach but at the same time that can grant to operate in total safety; this model grants at its
outstanding maximum height an outstanding lifting capacity of 2.5 ton.
All cabin comforts and options common to all our RTH range machines will remain standard on this machine too: e.g. air conditioning/heating, touch screen display, electric system in CAN BUS, integrated diagnostic and load sensing circuit (350 bar).
During the event we got many interest and curiosity form the public and we also got very positive feedback from customers and end users as a further evidence that this type of product is certainly successful for these markets with vertical development and also has a wide field of use.
These are, in fact, the most suitable models for use at urban construction sites in cities with high population density, like New York, where work spaces are often limited and working at considerable heights is inevitable. In such situations it is therefore imperative to have the possibility of using compact machinery that can perform a number of functions at the same time; VERSATILITY is, in fact, a crucial feature of our models: the characteristic of being able to change the attachment on the vehicle easily and quickly makes it possible to have a single vehicle that performs three different main functions; for example, telescopic handler when equipped with forks, aerial platform if equipped with basket, or crane if equipped with winch or with jib with winch.
Insights: RTH and HTH std features

  • The pressurized cab designed by Magni TH, equipped with 100% filtration of the incoming air, large panoramic windscreen and FOPS/ROPS certification, is designed for the operator who has to spend many hours inside the cab and must have all the comforts to be able to work better and in safety in all conditions. To ensure optimum comfort, it is equipped with standard air conditioning and heating, adjustable seat and steering column and a simple and instinctive touch screen that replaces the traditional dashboard.
  • The touch screen display is certainly an additional advantage: its characteristic intuitiveness and simplicity make it suitable for use by all types of users, from experts to novices. The screen displays all the information related to the machine, from control of the cab comforts to display of the load charts. The machinery is controlled from 5 pages, each meant for a specific “topic”:
  • one page, dedicated to control of the transmission and driving the machine, displays the information relative to the speed, type of steering and engine indicator lights;
  • one page is entirely dedicated to the stabilizers: it displays the information related to these and the stabilization can be customized by selecting the extension for each of the stabilizers individually or for all stabilizers at the same time;
  • a third page is dedicated to the management and settings of the work area limits: if obstacles are present in a certain area, such as a wall or a ceiling, the machine can be set so that the movement does not exceed certain limits in order to ensure operation in complete safety. It is also possible to adjust the hydraulic speed of each movement on a percentage basis from 0 to 100%.
  • One page is dedicated to dynamic load charts: by means of the RFID system, the machine automatically recognizes the accessory installed and the software automatically uploads the load chart required for use; the load is then shown in the chart and the position is indicated in real time to always have the situation under control also from the cab.
  • While a fifth page is entirely dedicated to the use of the cab comforts: this is used to set the air conditioning and heating, and also for switching on the work lights and safety flashing lights.
  • The electrical system in CAN BUS makes it possible to reduce the number of wirings and to obtain information from all electronically controlled components and convey it to the display in the cab.
  • Built-in diagnostics allows for quick and easy troubleshooting on electrical and electronically controlled components
    and also helps cut machine downtimes and costs; in fact, when a fault is detected, the system automatically stops any
    aggravating movement and displays an alarm code that identifies the type of fault. The system is completely reliable
    and helps the technician identify the problem on the circuit, signalling any signal interruptions present by means of the
    input and output display of the control units.
  • The entire rotating series are equipped with variable displacement (350 bar) Load Sensing pumps with electronic
    control for the movements and an electronically-controlled variable displacement pump (450 bar) for the
  • And last but not the least, the entire RTH series is fitted with Euro 4final, Deutz or Mercedes engines to comply with
    the regulatory standards in force on the matter of air pollution and environmental sustainability.