construction trade fair romania
construction trade fair romania

Construct Expo 2018 – New products, new ideas, new services & new businesses

Romania is a growing country in Eastern Europe that has started drawing more and more attention since it joined the European Union in 2007. With a growing economy and developing tourism, there are many advantages of purchasing an apartment in this beautiful country. The construction industry is one of the most profitable industries, and the quality of the new buildings meets European standards at lower prices than in Western Europe
The most important construction event in the country is hosted every year at Romexpo and its name is Constructexpo. In 2017 no less than 480 companies from all around the world were present at this event. Its main goal is keeping the construction market in Romania updated with the latest innovations, tendencies, quality materials, contemporary architecture, new technologies and green solutions. The event is mainly dedicated to construction specialists and architects but anyone is invited. From modern furniture to gardening tools and antiquities, from modern equipment to usual household tools, there’s nothing you can’t find at Constructexpo.
Besides Constructexpo, there are other six big construction shows that take place at Romexpo at the same time. Here’s a list with the shows that you can find at Romexpo during 8th-11th of March 2018:
1. Ambientexpo is an international fair of products and system for interior and exterior home design. The greatest landscaping companies participate every year.
2. Romtherm is the biggest exposition of plumbing tools, plumbing systems and other related industries. For example, at Romtherm you can find the latest trends in heating and cooling system.
3. Expoenergie is an international show where you can find anything that’s related to renewable energy, conventional energy, equipment and tools used in the Petroleum industry.
4.ROMENVIROTECH is an international exposition for technologies and equipment for environment protection. It is one of the most educative shows and here you can find modern solutions to daily problems.
5. Expo Flowers & Garden is an international exposition of landscaping solution, flowers and gardening related items. It is one of the biggest exposition of its kind in Eastern Europe. Since Romania’s interest towards landscaping has been growing a lot lately, this show is one of the most popular.
6. Antique Market is probably the biggest antiquities fair in Romania. Here you can find anything, from old clothing objects to old furniture.
These shows are all about new construction tendencies, about innovation and development. They not only present the latest technologies and solutions for the construction industry but they also educate the people on important, actual matters that the industry is facing right now.
At Constructexpo the specialists will speak about choosing the right materials for your home, about the importance of going green and the benefits of landscaping your home. This event’s main goal is to gather together the biggest names in the construction and architecture industry and allow them to present their latest discoveries and solutions.
In the modern era everything moves fast and there’s no time for mistakes. Creating a relaxing environment at home is crucial for the modern man. At this show there are thousands of specialists ready to answer your questions and help you choose the right solutions for your house. Many great architects and constructors speak with the public and offer personalized advice, so make sure that you are free during 8th-11th of March, because this is one of the most important events of the year.
Photo: Romexpo