Construct India – The Jewel In Mumbai’s Construction Crown

India is the world’s second most populous country and also has one of its fastest-growing economies, with massive expansions in manufacturing, technology and service industries that show no sign of slowing down. That’s all great news for the construction industry; India’s cities are expanding and modernising at an incredible rate, and the government is also investing heavily in infrastructure. More than 35 million Indians work in building and the sector makes up around 9% of GDP. There’s plenty of involvement from international companies, and India also manufactures an increasingly diverse and sophisticated range of construction tools and materials. The Big 5 Construct India expo, running in Mumbai next month, will give you an insight into the opportunities on offer in this vibrant market.
The last Construct India attracted more than 200 exhibitors from 25 different countries, and this year’s looks like comfortably beating that. There will be national pavilions from the UK, China, Germany, Taiwan and several others, representing India’s largest international construction partners, and over 250 companies have so far registered as exhibitors. Products on offer will range across materials, fittings, tools and plant as well as key services essential to any successful project. Indian companies are particularly strong in the area of materials and some global leaders, including Tata Steel, will be showing off their latest products.
While product exhibits are always a big draw, often the real value of construction expos is in the speaking programmes and workshops they offer; Construct India has a lot going on in this department. Presentations will cover a range of topics including sustainability, smart city planning, the challenges of running large infrastructure projects and new technologies. The Indian Institute of Architects, one of the event sponsors, will be conducting a seminar and a range of workshops will offer certification in green design, energy and advanced project management. Construct India is also a fantastic opportunity to meet local planners, contractors and clients; take this chance to learn how to do business in India and find out about upcoming projects.
Construct India will be held at Mumbai’s Bombay Exhibition Centre from 10-12 September. The venue offers easy access from Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport and is within easy taxi distance of central Mumbai; there’s a good choice of hotels and other amenities in the immediate area and the centre itself is modern and well equipped. Entry to Construct India is free, and you can register at the event website.